Community Made Campaign Workshop, Fallout 4 Style

Ok, so with the announcement by Bethesda of… “community content” being accessible from console via a Halo Waypoint (the old Xbox App) style menu, do you think Halo 5 could use a similar ability? I’m talking people making custom game CAMPAIGNS with NPCs, Bossfights, etc. Community maps with production value of a Vanilla Map. CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS. Of course, you’d use Halo in order to access these, with their own section. This way 343 could monitor what goes in their game. Hell, you could have COMMUNITY MADE REQs. Custom Voices, New Power Armor designs, Weapon Skins, Emblems, Stances, Assassinations, all added to the REQ Store to inflate the- I mean Diversify the Loot Pool :smiley:
Been on a Fallout Binge lately, and the things a community could do if they simply are given the tools are amazing. If 343i releases something like the GECK for people to make their own content with the tools the Devs use, think of all the possibilities! This probably won’t even get a glance by someone in 343i, but on the off chance it does, this could extend Halo 5’s lifetime INDEFINITELY.
Just somethin’ to think about.

Well, if we get AIs in Forge, then the ability to create cinematics, then dynamic objectives in Forge. Then this is a possibility.