Community-Made Armor/ Cosmetics for MCC

So this is an idea that’s been running through my mind a bit. I’m not active on these forums so I don’t know if it’s been discussed before at all. My friends and I play games like Warframe and Team Fortress 2, both have a big focus on bringing in Community-Made Cosmetics (hats, armor pieces, weapons etc.). With MCC becoming this sort of “Almost-Live-Service” sort of game with it’s flow of retroactive content, I was wondering about the possibility of running contests where fans get to make weapon/vehicle skins, or the potentiality of some kind of armor modeler SDK for the same purpose?

Personally I think custom armor like that would be really hard given certain limitations the games might have, or replicating the style of the armor (and making an SDK while constantly working on the game would be tight to schedule in as well), so I’d see skins or ID nameplates being a lot more realistic for fans to make.

Obviously I’m not saying “oh just get the fans to make armor for the game” or “let anyone upload their own stuff” (although client-side would be kinda cool, admittedly) but I think it would be really cool if Community-Made Cosmetics made it in somehow.

Anyways, that’s all gamers. <3

I’m not opposed to the idea but I think they might wanna test the waters a bit with MCC & Fan Made Content/Mods IN GENERAL on PC before considering implementing something like that entirely.

At the moment there isn’t really an “Official” way to go about it other than playing on Non-Anti-Cheat Mode so they would have to come up with some kinda incentive or some kinda Community Event to try out and gauge what they’re currently capable of and tailor for Future Improvements if they want to support Fan Made Content more.

Might be too complicated for 343 to implement.