Community looking for new members

I am the founder of the Halo: Reach community/clan Satisfaction Guaranteed. It is reasonably new so there are not many members.

We are not so much a “clan” as we are a community of smaller clans/branches.
The purpose of SG is to provide a fun, easy way to always have people to play with. It also provides a chance to meet new people and have an “extended” friend list so to speak.

There is too much information for me to type it all out and not forget something important so if interested, click the link below that will send you to a link on our twitter page. Here you will find any additional information needed. If interested, send a MESSAGE to me on Xbox Live. No friend requests please. My list is too crowded.

My Gamertag is: ELECTRIClTY (last i is a lower case L —> “electricLty”)

Link to more info: here
Follow us on Twitter for faster updates.