Community Ideas why should Halo Become A Horror?

Yes Halo should be a horror game? for the flood mode they could start on it for halo 5 guardians or Halo 6 flood mode could be anything for the halo franchise it could be a shooter or horror could it be anything because it’s separate from the campaign Everyone recommend for halo flood mode to be a combination of a shooter and a horror you and the Spartans could be on the way to a spaceship to discover distress signal and then but in the ship the flood have a trap when on the way to the ship near the planet Reach Spartans see the ship when pelican is on the way the flood have set up an ambush and then when the flood came out and smoked the pelican its short something out of the gun it was a dot a bullet that could remote control and then flood could control pelican mysteriously the ship would go to alpha halo the ring that master chief destroyed and then i couldn’t come to the flood there’s no help and the communications went offline so there was stuck on a halo ring known as hell from the Halo Nightfall TV Series would be trapped on a ring Everyone will be stuck in this war with the flood you have no Weapons or Guns all the people that will savage for supplies you won’t be equipped with any power off predicative of hardware it will just be fine in whatever you can find an environment that will give you some kind of edge they will be weapons but the weapons will be scaffted around a map no you need to find help your goal is to survive with the collapsing part of the ring that has an endless day and night cycle it will last up to 20 minutes you won’t be able to contact the flood the only thing you could do don’t have any weapons you will just have to run and hide runner duck behind cover and go underneath the map find your way around and get them from behind and the floods objective is just to simply kill you or infect you there will be a timer for 10 minutes the person who can survive 10 minutes Wins on the Spartans side but on the flood side the flood will be exactly one player that 1 players job is to find the survivors and infect them until the end of Mach but the flood will have for 4 Loadouts they will expand them all do upgrading through the ranking system specially made for flood mode on halo and the four characters inside and loadouts the first class will be called the Hunter the hunter has no eyesight the only thing they say is a ping the main site is hearing soon as you make a sound they can just move straight to your position and kill you the 2 is called the Infector this mysteriously floating infection form will lash onto your body the player has at least 5 seconds to react until it takes down your shields and then another 25 seconds for your health to infect you and then move on and do the same thing 3 character is called The Rager is infected brut it gets really bad tempat and very aggressive it has an ability called extinguish it turns invincible for 10 Seconds and basically goes right up in your face its weakness is long range combat anything with shotguns and snipers it basically just jumps from cover to cover until they get closer to target it made me used for ambush there pray from behind they try to go up close and personal the 4th character is called the Stalker is a flood Drone infected drone this will be used to smash bombs this 1 is me designs but they found in swarms and usually and only seen in pears they are maindy used to set traps do distractions its main weapon is sniper they mostly found at long range they said distractions and traps it secondary weapon is a pistol they are very easy to kill when cited you need to be very controlled with this one you mostly be on top and high take them from above and hiding into cover they can mark their opponents but there are only found in caves it depends on the map the level there will be timers and they can only go on spawn environments that’s it what do you think of the ideas please keep these and treasure them or make it happen 343 industries please thank you so much from the community.

The Flood should return in Halo 5 but dont pose enough of a threat for a Horror game