Community Ideas to increase individual skill separation in halo reach?

Everyone post their own ways to increase the skill gap. These are just some of my own ideas

Step 1: Make Strafe Speed to either Halo 2 or 3 levels

In halo reach a good player will rarely miss for any reason other than bloom. If bloom is removed and strafe speeds are not fixed there is going to be major issues. Players won’t be able to get out of cover without dying. In all halo games prior to reach a person who had a good strafe was difficult to hit at a high rate. It takes more skill to shoot as well when you are moving left to right at higher speeds. The user of the DMR would have to adjust their aim based on the strafe. I think strafing was the biggest factor in older halo games in creating skill separation.

Step 2: Make jump height higher

Jump height adds to strafing to make it harder for your opponent to hit you. In the middle of battle on older halo games if a person jumped sometimes it would throw their opponent off enough for them to gain the victory. On reach if someone jumps to avoid the killshot it is laughable at times. A big tactic of mine on past halo games was jumping when I rounded corners in case their was a person camping and it kept a person from being able to judge the coordinates of your spartan’s helmet as you rounded the corner. Last, jumping should allow you to dodge grenades and rockets. Reach grenades and rockets are crazy powerful. Jumping does absolutely nothing to lessen the impact of explosives. Your spartan can’t jump high enough to avoid explosives.

Step 3: Remove Bloom and Lessen the Range on the DMR

I just don’t like anything about the concept of bloom. It doesn’t make sense to have the reticle show what recoil does to accuracy. The gun should just have recoil in my opinion. Also, any aspect of randomness in video games is bad if you are trying to make a competitive game. Why should I be penalized for being able to shoot quickly and accurately? Next, there really is a low cap on how good you can be with the DMR because of bloom. Everyone past a certain skill level is about equal accuracy wise with the weapon. This has led to the removal of 1v1 fights because it just isn’t smart. It has also led to players moving the map lessen, ensuring they get the first shot (due to the fact the person who gets first shot always wins with the DMR), and players sitting behind cover rather than seeking the enemy.

Step 4: Nerf Nades and most of the Power Weapons

The purpose of power weapons in halo games in my opinion is to promote map movement. In Halo Reach the team that gets the power weapons a majority of the time almost always wins on Reach. Below I’m going to list what power weapons should be nerfed.

Rockets- The radius in which the rocket impacts on reach is insane. On halo 3 rockets were powerful but you at least had to aim them. On reach if you don’t get a kill with every rocket you are being wasteful. Just tone the rockets down to halo 3 levels.

Sniper- This weapon is WAY to easy to use. If any weapon needs bloom or recoil it is this one. Also, the reticle for the sniper needs to made way smaller.

Sword- I see many people complaining about the ability to block sword. To me, being able to block the sword is a skillful thing that should be rewarded. I think both players should come out of the sword block one shot. 99% of the time I achieve the sword block it is for no reason.

Nade Launcher- Weaken it a little. Otherwise I love this weapon and think it has alot of potential.

Shotty- Make the time between each shot greater, put less shells in the shotgun, and decrease its range.

Step 5: Make all AA’s other than sprint pick up items rather than being able to spawn with them

I didn’t like overshield and invis on halo 3. I did like the fact that it made people move the map. Armor ability pickups just adds another dynamic factor to the game. Some armor abilities destroy certain maps. You could leave certain AA’s off maps where they don’t belong.

Step 6: Fix The Maps

Asylum- Use the mlg version. It actually allows players to leave the bases without being ignorant.

Community Maps- I feels as though they need to do a little more research and testing before they place so many community made maps into the game. The idea of using community maps is a good thing. I just think use community ideas and make graphically enhanced/altered versions. Then give the maker credit somehow still. There just needs to be more company made maps.

Zealot- Add Sniper and Nade Launcher. Make Nade launcher spawn on the second level by gold lift. Then make sniper spawn where sword normally does. Then, fix spawns. The spawns are horrible on this map. I can’t even begin to explain the amount of times I spawn dead on this map. This is still my favorite map on the game though. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.

Reflection- Make rockets spawn later on in the map by the bamboo trees or whatever they are. Maybe at the around the 3 minute mark in the game. Then give the former rocket spawn a nade launcher. This would give teams the ability to actually take over sniper area. There would be some cool shots to pull off in the process.

Sword Base- I would like to see this map actually become playable. Really, I don’t even know if it is possible. I can’t see anyway to fix it other than taking the shotgun and sword off.

Countdown- Make Sniper spawn where sword does. Then, make nade launcher spawn at shotty. There can’t be weapons such as shotty and sword on maps with so many corners

Step 7: Dynamic Weapon Spawns

Make it where there is a 30 second time duration in which weapons could spawn. Don’t make it where you can exactly predict when a weapon will spawn.

I would like for AA’s to be fixed but that would require alot of work. 343 needs to keep a majority of focus on halo 4