Community Forge Playlist- What Halo 4 Needs

From the beginning of Halo 4, I’ve tried my best to like it, but couldn’t quite get there. I had all but cast Halo 4 off recently; only playing a couple games here and there with friends, campaign, and Spartan Ops. The introduction of these smaller maps (it doesn’t matter that they are community created forge pieces) is exactly what Halo 4 needs. Halo 4 hasn’t felt like a Halo game for me until today. The pacing on maps this size are perfect. I was worried about how the AA’s would impact maps this size, but to be completely honest, I was so busy firing off rounds, and worrying about where I was at in relation to my team and theirs, that only once did I even remember I had an AA. I just never needed it. To keep this relatively short for all you TL;DR’ers:

-Small maps, perfect.
-Weapon on map! (I’ll write more about this below)
-It felt like Halo
-Lockout, 'nuff said.

-Ordinance drops
-No Assault! (That’s a blanket Halo 4 con. Oh Assault, how I miss thee)

Piggy backing off the pros/cons of this playlist, what can make me coming back for more in Halo 4:
-Keep up with the small maps
-Create casual and pro playlists. Casual has ordinance drops, and loadouts with AA’s, pro does not.
-Community unifies and stops playing so selfish. I’m sick of being one of maybe two people resetting a flag in CTF while everyone else goes for kills.

Weapons on map:
I hate running out of ammo. Without the ammo perk, this happens to me way too often. (Another reason I don’t care for perks/loadouts). With the weapons on the map, it gave me a REASON to move. Which is exactly what Halo 4 needs.

To 343i:
I like the direction this is going. It’s unfortunate that it has taken so long to even get the needle pointed North, but it has given me hope. I know a lot of people have been asking for ranked and social playlists, and I think it’s time you listened. I like new things, and commend people for trying them, but when all the dust settles (and community hatred of what you’ve done) I think you’ll find that at its core, you’ve created a great Halo game, but trying new things (loadouts & perks, ordinance drops, lack of core Halo playlists) has hidden this away and going back to what Halo is will bring fans back in troves.