Community Forge Maps

I Was Just Wondering If We Were Ever Gonna See Community Forge Maps On Multiplayer Because The Stock Maps Are Getting Old…

So If Any One Has Heard Any Info On This Just Please Let Me Now

If people can bring themselves to tolerate the new Forge mode and build awesome maps, then I’m sure we will eventually.

By the way, Forge mode kind of sucks now.

Considering almost everything regarding the File Share seems to be broken.

No. Don’t hold your breath for Forge stuff. 343i can’t even be bothered to talk about it apparently.

It’s not that its bad, we are just use to a better version.

The improvements are great, but they sacrificed greatness for it. Myself and Swainoo made a good map, a nice take on Tower of Power from H2 Ascension, and I am working on a 2 Flag/CTF/KOTH Map :)…

Takes time, but all posssible… :slight_smile:

Need the file browser up and running tbh.