community event where anyone can draw a weapon

so my idea is that there is a community event in which anyone can draw their weapon ideas for halo: infinite(idk if this has happened before). the event would be themed around a type of weapon (ex. shotgun, sword, or even a tool). this would allow aspiring game designers and artists to try their skills and get a feel for how that type of job works. during the event people can vote for concept art (voting rules are no voting for yourself your votes per post are limited to one and maybe a limited vote count per person) and at the end which ever post gets the most votes will be chosen and the creator will get and email to brief the game designers on how it would work.

(Q. lets say you just spent your last vote and the you see a different post that is cooler than the last post you saw? A. votes are not permanent they can be can be transferred to different posts.)

Let me know your thoughts!

This sounds cool, albeit going to be hard. I haven’t seen drama started like I have when people start competing in drawing skills and selection of the best. I think a community event to see just how many people can submit one would be cool.