Community Doubles

I’m not sure if I’m the only one but is anyone finding the Community Doubles a lot of fun and a nice change? Don’t get me wrong I get some very bad matches but when I get good connection it’s just a lot of fun especially when your teammate works well with you (then there’s some that run off on there own like Rambo LOL). I’ve had some great close games, I’m enjoying the forge maps (some flow better than others) but in general the 2 v 2 is just good social fun. It’s been a nice change for me as I don’t really play much Halo anymore but this gamemode has me hooked for now. Anyone enjoying this playlist also?

I am playing Community Doubles almost exclusively nowadays, for me it’s the maps. I love a few of them, hate a couple, and the rest are more than decent. But more than anything they’re all different and new to everyone so I’m having a lot of fun experimenting and figuring out the maps along with everyone else.