Community Customs Night - 9/21/12

Every Friday Night at 9pm EST, we get together in Halo: Reach and play custom games. We play everything from Team Slayer to Knockin’ Zombs, and you can even bring your own custom maps and gametypes to play! Just be sure to upload them to your fileshare and let us know either in a comment below, or in the lobby, which map and what game type to run with it. Maps that are enjoyable will be saved and played again. Maps that are not so enjoyable will require some fixing before being run again.


  • Keep your voice down. It can be hard to hear other players when everyone is talking.
  • Do not message other players asking for invites. Admins will send them out in the order they are received.
  • Upload any maps or games you wish to run to your fileshare.
  • Let us know which maps you wish to run when we start the lobby or when you join up.
  • Do not invite outside players without asking first. (This is a Community Customs event and we may have players waiting to join.)
  • Broken or not-fun maps will need to be fixed or updated before being run again.
  • Please do not linger in a party chat. This is a community game night, socialize and have fun!
  • Bring a map, some snacks, and come have fun!

Sign-up by posting a reply to this thread! We’re playing now, so come on in and join the fun! :slight_smile: