Community Customs - A Custom Game Community

Hey everyone wanted to just drop a note in here inviting you all to join us over at Community Customs.

We are a small but growing community that originally started out on HBO as a number of people that would get together on Friday nights for a night of custom game madness in Halo, over a couple of years we grew more and more and this year branched out into our own site/forums.

We aren’t a clan and anyone is free to join us on the Friday night game nights, we alternate every other week between Customs Night and the Proving Grounds (it’s possibly you may have seen us mentioned a few times on the waypoint blogs).

Customs Night is a dedicated night devoted to playing custom games and having fun with the whole community, we put a sign up sheet on out website (usually on a Thursday to give you time to sign up) and then start playing at 9pm EST (2am GMT) and go until we either run out of maps, people, or the staff can’t hold their controllers any more (and its usually the last one)

Proving Grounds on the other hand is a new night that we have started to allow people to test their maps out, giving people chance to get their all important play tests. Unlike Customs Night we encourage you to find exploits with the maps to report them back to the map creator at the end of the test so that they can gain valuable information. You can bring any map of your own along and gain suggestions, feedback and importantly get your saved film so that you can see how people are moving around the map etc. Again, signups usually go onto our frontpage on thrusdays.

We also have discussions on our forums and provide opportunities for you to show your work to the halo community by submitting it for the front page.

As i said before, anyone is free to join us since we aren’t a clan and we really hope that you will join us on one of our game nights. (the next one will be a Customs Night on 7/6/12)