Community Countdown:Halo 4

I was thinking if The developer’s of the Halo Waypoint Forums could add a special Countdown banner on the top of the forum page to show how many more days left until the release of Halo 4.
I think it would be pretty cool to see the amount of days left broadcasting on the top of every page to remind all the late pre-ordering member’s to start getting those copies reserved :smiley:

What do you all say?

That is a good idea, but while where on the topic of countdown’s. I’m doing my own Countdown to Halo 4 where I play through all the Halo games (excluding wars) with commentary!

It starts September 16 here’s a link to the announcement trailer if your interested!

Countdown to Halo 4

Very cool!I will check it out

> Very cool!I will check it out

Thanks! Be sure to spread the word! I’m trying my best to make this very successful!