Community Challenges: Halo CE

I love creating challenges to try to beat, but why not also take on the challenges that the Halo community might have? Create some of the most unique scenarios for others to try to beat! This topic will be for the ones for Combat Evolved. Here is one of mine:
Shotgun Storm: Complete the level “The Library” on Legendary, with Iron, and (once obtained) only using the Shotgun. (Inspired by Marvin Mobuto, the Marine that made it through almost all of the Library in Halo: The Flood)
See you on the field, Spartans!

Legendary difficulty, use only Plasma Pistol and punches. No grenades. Whole game.

It will definitely interesting to try this challenge at some point in the near future. My guess is that the main challenge will be that the Shotgun has a quite limited range and as such, targets like Rocket Flood will become especially difficult to take down.

However, I won’t attempt this challenge with the Iron skull active as it will increase the time investment requirement for completing this challenge by a substantial amount and this do especially apply if you wish to not use the Iron skull exploit. In addition to that, I’m not fully comfortable with completing this mission on Legendary deathless and I do usually average around 2 deaths/Legendary playthrough.

I can understand that the Iron skull is a bit much, so that skull can be optional. Also, ONLY 2 DEATHS? I only have ever gone through it deathless once, and that was on Normal co-op.

The main reasoning why the average has landed around 2 deaths is that the mission itself (if we wish to not impose any major restrictions on player decisions) is relatively easy and most of the strategies can be viewed as fairly consistent. I developed most of my strategies by taking inspiration from speedruns and when I completed this mission deathless on Heroic in order to unlock an achievement (Halo CEA). In addition to this, despite the fact that this mission may look repetitive on a surface level, it has still some distinctive landmarks which makes it easy to keep track of your progress and reduces the likelihood that the player gets lost.

However, this mission is relatively long and as such, the likelihood that a mistake occurs is despite this relatively large. Most of the mistakes are usually related to being unlucky when running past a section, being unlucky with any of the 2 rocket floods that are pretty much mandatory to take down or that you forgot to perform an essential strategy (more common if the mission knowledge is lacking).

I can inform that I completed the suggested in 26:09 with 1 death on the 4th Floor of The Library. When it comes to the adherence to the challenge, enemies did only get killed by Shotgun shots or melee attacks using the Shotgun. In addition to that, I did also 1 Frag Grenade to perform 1 grenade jump and fire some none consequential Assault Rifle Shots on a wall while I was waiting for the first door to open and before I obtained the Shotgun.

In total, I performed 209 kills and 111 was with the Shotgun and the remaining was with melee attacks. The kills got distributed to 85 Combat Form kills, 39 Carrier form kills and 85 Infection form kills. Finally, I can also inform that the final score for the mission 35,518 points.

This is something I want to try in infinite once the campaign releases, but it can also be done in pretty much any halo. Fistfight: beat the campaign (again whichever campaign you want to play) on legendary only using melee. This means no guns and grenades, and only using vehicles as transport (marines on a turret are ok since that’s kind of out of your control). Energy sword and gravity hammer are ok, but for an even harder challenge, you can go without them.

I thought of a challenge the other day for myself I called “Marathon Mode.”

In Marathon there was no reload button, you had to empty your magazine completely if you wanted a fresh one. I thought it could be fun to try to play Halo: CE without hitting the reload button akin to Marathon and seeing how that went, haha.

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