Community Carnage: vs Waypoint

The 2nd of August marks the final point of the Halo franchise’s transition from bungie to 343. The Community Carnage team felt this provided perfect occasion for carnage.

Those who participate will be representing their community, which entails good sportsmanship on the one hand, but a devotion towards the cause on the other. As a rep I shall be amongst those taking pleasure in the domination of our younger cousins. I also anticipate equally competitive vibes will come from Waypoint.

There will be two simultaneous 8v8 lobbies as players compete to crown their community over the course of 5 games. In the event of a tie the winning groups will face off against one another in order to claim victory. We hope those of you that sign up will well represent your community and invalidate any animosity between the camps with some celebratory crouching. We also principally hope everyone has a great time playing Halo together.

If you’re interested in taking part read the information below!

Please note that this thread is for signing up to play for Waypoint. The sign up thread will be posted at a later date in the community forum.

Start time
This Tuesday (2nd of August)


  • Each community gets together 16 players and a healthy batch of reserves.
  • This allows for two simultaneous 8v8 games.
  • If it ends as a tie (Waypoint win one group, bungie another) the two teams that won from either community play a tiebreaker game.

REGISTRATION - read this bit carefully

> In order to be selected to play you MUST send a friend request to the gamertag Carnage event AND post your gamertag in this thread.

Failure to do one without the other will result in your request being ignored. Once you have been chosen your name will be edited into the original post. Come the day of the event, the friend request will be accepted, and you will be invited to the game by one of the hosts.

Important Note
Please take careful consideration of the time and date. Please do NOT sign up until you are completely sure that you are able to make it to the Carnage. If you are having trouble locking down the local time, use a time zone converter. Also note that the Carnages run off of “Bungie Time”.Please check this thread regularly for updates. If you signed up to this event and are no longer able to attend please notify us either by sending a private message to one of the organisers (preferred method), or by posting in this thread.

General Information
Anyone signed up must be able to play on Tuesday, August 2nd at 1:00pm PDT. If you are not online, a substitute will fill in for you. Don’t be afraid to send any of the organisers a message if you have any questions pertaining to the event. Anyone who has signed up and is not there for the start of the event will be moved to the bottom of the player list or may not get opportunity to play at all. It is critical that you are on time, and even better if you are early.

Maps and Gametypes

> Game 1: BTB Slayer on Kingdom
> Game 2: Stealin’ Your Flags on In Your Base
> Game 3: Invasion on Boneyard
> Game 4: Ninja Assault on Asylum
> Game 5: No timelimit – Classic KoTH on Rat Trap

> Tiebreaker game will be selected from the above and agreed upon by both parties


> Waypoint 1
> Lobby Lead: Boss of OWNAGE (players will be invited by this person)
> 1. Onyx Conor (GT: Onyx Conor)
> 2. Pwnage x360a (GT: Pwnage x360a)
> 3. eviltedi (GT: eviltedi)
> 5. Toa TAK (GT: Toa TAK)
> 6. Erickyboo (GT: Erickyboo)
> 7. Br0ken Tears (GT: Br0ken Tears)
> 8. Nicholas Cave (GT: Nicholas Cave)

> Waypoint 2
> Lobby leads: Rokitz and antony X1000 (players will be invited by one of these people)
> 1. kj132435v2 (GT: kj132435v2)
> 3. sky ace 65 (GT: sky ace 65)
> 4. Limited Luck (GT: Limited Luck)
> 5. Cry sum mor3 (GT: Cry sum mor3)
> 6. CruelLEGACEY (GT: CruelLEGACEY)
> 7. Ruination iD (GT: Ruination iD)
> 8. Chunky M0nk3y4 (GT: Phat M0nk3y4)

> Substitutes
> 1. CRY5lS (GT: CRY5lS)
> 2. Gamer jx (GT: Gamer jx)
> 3. GamingGuru471 (GT: HepTic Scopezz)
> 4. Mango Fet (GT: Mango Fet)
> 5. DOOM At last (GT: DOOM At last)
> 6. Armor Juan (GT: Armor Juan)
> 7. Sergeant Novak (GT: Sergeant Novak)
> 8. I Einnob I (GT: I Einnob I)
> 9. halocrisis (GT: halocrisis)

Visit the official Community Carnage Group for more information and to help with future events.

I will play for waypoint my gamertag is Onyx Conor

Make sure you also send a friend request to the account Carnage Event if you want to play. It might seem like annoying bureaucracy, but it adds a lot of work when we have to manually add each gamertag. Thanks.

Put me down for waypoint, GT: Pwnage x360a

I would like play for Waypoint too, and I shall send a friend request, I’m not too good but I do try.

Edit = Gamertag is eviltedi.

Friend request sent.

ok i sent it :slight_smile:

I will play for B. net. My gamertag is garricus1

> I will play for B. net. My gamertag is garricus1

This is for Waypoint players, Bungie are in their community forum, there’s a link above for you.

I sent a request and am looking forward to playing

Sent a request for Waypoint! GT is Toa TAK.

Even on a Friday or Saturday it can be tough to make the time, but on a weekday, It’s not as easy as skipping school anymore :smiley:
The cooler winter months are when my time allows for much more play. I may miss out on most stuff through the hot months, but come the cooler, how about round 2? (or 3 or 4, depends on how many are arranged between now and then)

Only 1 thing to say: Good Luck :slight_smile:

I’ll play for Bungie if I can make it. Probably can, though. Guess I gotta wait for that thread, then?

Erickyboo for waypoint of course!

Let’s hope it works this time.

Yeah the time is just not a good one for me, otherwise I’d be down.


I don’t think I am allowed in the Community Carnage goup. :slight_smile:

Man, I’d love to…but I’m moving back to my Dad’s and he has cellphone tower Internet with moderate NAT. Pair that with BTB?


i can play all day and i will play for waypoint

my GT is kj132435v2

we need more people :3

We do need more people but also, my name on here was misstyped.

Maybe we should get a few people from wars to represent waypoint?

> We do need more people but also, my name on here was misstyped.
> Maybe we should get a few people from wars to represent waypoint?

I created the thread early so that there was plenty of time to gather sign ups. Fixed your name as well :slight_smile:

I’ll set about updating the OP soonish.