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Dear 343i, I have been a halo fan for 8 years which isn’t long in comparison to many people. However I have experienced both the classic and the new halo.
For a little back story when I was 15 my parents got a Xbox 360 for my family. I came from a mildly poor background during those years and that xbox was the best
thing we had seen. My 3 brothers and I were given a chose on what game we wanted to get and that game would be the only one we would play for 3 years straight,
that game was Halo 3. My family could not afford Xbox live during the time so everyday when we finished school my brothers and I would play campaign and
we would play slayer and host tournaments with our friends. These were the glory days of my childhood and I would later go on to play and buy every halo game.
I’ve read some books loved the lore and loved the games bungie did. Fast forward to halo 4. I was so excited to pick up halo 4 in fact I had a job and saved my own
money to pick it up for my family. We had a blast I felt like the presentation of the campaign was done so well. Some may disagree with me on that but it was nice
to see things fleshed out in the cut scenes. Gameplay was frustrating but the story in my opinion made it all worth it.

Now on to halo 5, I would like to start by saying first and foremost I am not going to center this around campaign or the disliked features of halo 5. I will say that I
Enjoy the Halo 5 Arena formula with its innovation as well as the classic formula I grew up with and played to death. I do like halo 5’s multiplayer and appreciate the
innovations done. But I sense a divide with the community as a whole. I’ve watched content creators that both love and hate the new formula and have compiled a list
to try to solve some of these differences and increase the over all health and longevity of the game now and in future titles to come. I hope this is seen not as bashing
what 343i has done but a way to bring the community together and make the best possible halo to fit both classic fans and fans of the new formula. I understand not
everyone will agree with what I have to say but I’m hoping it will spark a thought provoking discussion.

"If you don’t like it don’t play it"
I’m sure many people have seen this comment around on different comment sections of youtube and other platforms. This comment “If you don’t like it don’t play it”.
Is ultimately toxic and snuffs out real conversation from happening. Conversation that could improve things for halo in the long run. Comments like this separate the
community as a whole. Our community needs to stay strong to have a lasting experience. A strong community can form coherent thoughts about the game as a whole
that the developers (343i) can then review and implement. I am by no means a writer so forgive me for my grammar mistakes and run on sentences and overall format.
Now I would like to present a list of things in outline form and I will expand on these topics. I would also like to state that I’m sure 343i has heard these topics and for
some of these things might already be in development. Also understand this is not a list of demands these things may not come to pass which is fine. The point is to
Cause a stream lined discussion on things that could help the game and community.

-Classic -Classic gameplay should be a permanent playlist because if done right it could get rid of this divide in the community.
(I believe the right way to do this would be to bring the classic feel as a whole this includes the weapons look and map dimensions. It is worth noting that the
new halo 3 classic playlist is a huge step in the right direction. But while playing I couldn’t help but notice the new battle rifle and it threw the classic experience
off for me but the physics felt stellar. This is a nit picky point though so I digress. I understand that juggling so many balls at once is a difficult task 343i. However
I think you could agree that thanks to the new and improved forge, we have quite a talented pool of people out there that could volunteer their time to making this
a reality.)
-It could also provide valuable feedback to 343i as to population and gameplay trends.
-Modern halo 5
-Casual Gameplay
I love the competitive side of halo five but I hate always having to “sweat” in games. I know there is a casual setup in halo 5 but I don’t feel as if it prepares you
for the ranked area. take Slayer in ranked vs. covenant slayer for example. In covenant slayer only has covenant weapons it won’t prepare me for the UNSC
weapons in regular slayer. Snipers and shotty snipers is a better example to me because I love snipers but when you add a shot gun it changes the dynamic.
I love shotty snipers but say I want to warm up for ranked snipers. It’s not an accurate way to warm up.
-Beating a dead horse with this one but Spartan charge is very jarring I wouldn’t call it unfair in all situations. But given the radar with sprint it all happens so fast.
think about if you had someone who was really light on their feet in real life sprinting at you and by the time you hear them they are already in the process of tackling
you. That would be a jarring experience that could be hard to combat IRL. Even though this isn’t the best analogy it may still give some perspective. I’m not saying it
it should be removed even though I would like that. All I’m saying is 343i you have talented innovative people who can rethink this balance.
I think the radar issue and sprint is a real issue I believe a remedy to this issue would be to add some kind of buffer to the radar that will see sprinting enemies from
slightly further out.

-Reach style system in further titles
-Armor that can be earn through completing challenges and commendations in both arena and campaign.
(This will add value and respect to players)
-Also challenges that 343i can set for a prize for those who complete them once a month.
(This could come in the form of a pack or box that includes armor, a skin, and a emblem.)
(This will also add replay value and strong population heading into the future.)

-Reach style military ranks and rewards to come with it.
-No Gambling on armor and skins
(No one likes micro transactions especially ones where you gamble for armor you like. I will say this for warzone weapons and some cosmetics its not bad.
but as an over all system to earn most everything it’s a drag. I propose that if this is a necessary evil to make ends meet then we should improve it so that
you buy what you want out right and this should work along side with a system of earning other armors.)
-Not being able to buy what you should earn.
(If you can simply buy what others earn then it takes away value and meaning. An example of this is from the halo 4 days with venator armor I worked so
hard to get that armor and was looking forward to it in halo 5 but saw that it was a random thing to earn. This took away the value I saw in the armor and
now it only sits in the pool of what I’ve unlocked.)
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Continuing the conversation on req packs.
-There needs to be a distinct difference between the armor and skins you earn and the ones you buy.
(The earned armor should be different than the armor you can buy in the sense that you they may both look really cool but unique so you can bring value to it as well as separate the value. Into their own respective categories.)
-Selling to make ends meet.
(In order to sell more packs as well as boost the community population maybe consider releasing the multiplayer aspect or certain aspects to Xbox for free this could boost sales on both reqs and the over all game. I should say that’s a spitball idea but I truly think it could help populations in playlists such as snipers and FFA as well as if a classic playlist is implemented permanently. This could work as a free form of advertisement for the game now and get people hooked for the new addition coming soon. Also it could provide useful data for 343i going into to the future.)

-Community and Spartan companies
-ranking for the top 100 companies
(I personally think it would be cool to see a healthy competition between the top Spartan companies. Maybe in the Spartan companies area show the top companies in ranked slayer and make it to wear other companies can challenge each other in a week of slayer matches that people can follow and spectate and who ever has the most slayer wins takes the spot of the better Spartan company or knocks the losing one back. Again this is more spit balling I’m not sure how this would work as an in game mechanic nor do I know the type of server power that would be needed to achieve this.)

Anyway this is all I can think of to say I know I haven’t mentioned everything for everyone but this is again to start discussion not to start a war. I want what’s best for this community both young and old and my suggestions may not be at all what anyone wants. But as someone who stands in the middle ground of loving the classic and the new I want to see this community have something for everyone and make halo the strongest game that it can be. 343i I will say this again you are the innovators you have a talented team so don’t let me decide let the community talk about these things. Then in turn innovate the game from the request to often we think we know “exactly” what we want, and for the most part we do know what we want but we only contain part of the vision your team knows the full vision and we should all work together.
This has been part 2 I hope this creates thought provoking discussion thank you.
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