Community and 343 do I have a surprise for you!!!!!!

Hello boys and girls. Today i thought "Alot of people have problems with Bungies maps. Sword bas included. So, I downloaded a empty sword base canvas, and got to work.
Please download “Sword Base Alpha” from Cinderblock230 File share.

Now you all maybe wondering “What is his goal?” Well simple my dear friends. I want 343 to make a new playlist called “Community Playday” It will be full of fixed maps that I will fix. BUT i need your help. Starting with what needs to be fixed on Sword Base Alpha. What do you think of it?

Hopefully this will reach (get it?) 343i because many people are complaining and raging about them. So community i need YOU! Please give me common flaws (that I can fix) and I will try my best. Then upload and link. Via: Weapons, Spwaning, Scenery, camping spots.

Now THESE MAPS ARE ONLY GOING TO BE FREE-FOR-ALL. I will be implementing objectives and teams at a later time. Also note that it’s called alpha which mean out of beta form but still in progress i hope to call the final version "Sword Base Omega

Im also going to be making a new gametype called “2011 slayer”. Loadouts are not confirmed yet but as of now I can leak two…

Scout Evade
Sprint Evade
2x Frag Grenades 2x Plasma Grenades
Assault Rifle Plasma Rifle
Dmr Needle Rifle

Soon I will make elite versions of each map as well when that is done the evade class will be moved to elite slayer.

Also there will be no Active Camo or Armor Lock loadouts
I will have Hologram, Sprint, Evade, Drop Shield, Jet pack

So, Everyone please download my map and my soon to be gametype. I would really like it if 343 could get this.

Maps i have’nt done.
-I will be using someone’s recaged and will give credit when i find it.

  • (Forgetting some? Give me name and what i should change)
    BTW everyone will get credit who helps me.

Thank you communtiy i will update regularly. :slight_smile:

Was actually excited for something but all I see is something that is attempted to be fixed when it’s not broken.

some people asked for lift rooms to be blocked and im still working on the map which is why i need opinions :slight_smile:

I don’t play MM enough to care about problems with swordbase, I just enjoy it for what it is

BTW i dont think maps are broken im just doing what some people want

> Was actually excited for something but all I see is something that is attempted to be fixed when it’s not broken.

true, people might not like sword base but it’s not a broken map.

I think its a pretty good idea and maybe 343i will listen to its community