Community Action Sack Non-spawning

So, I was playing on the Community Action Sack playlist, got to a game of Mantis Breakout and well, this happened:

None of my team spawned apart from one person - unsure if he was unable to move or just AFK - and the rest of us were essentially insta-dead.
Same thing happened for the next round as well. The third round, we somehow managed to get out of it, I just mashed buttons again as I was the previous 2 rounds and something seemed to have worked, so I just thought I’d bring this up as a possible bug with the map or playlist.

Anyone else experienced this? (if you were in this match, you don’t count XD)

ADDENDUM: I just backed out of the matchmaking lobby and got this screen: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. Somethings not right here…