Common Sense and Halo 4

So common sense and Halo 4. The two of these things don’t always mix together… As we all know…

Hence the Crashing Warthogs into the entire enemy team only to be completely destroyed in a matter of moments. INSTEAD of hanging back and taunting the enemy to throw their grenades at random to waste them (another method of completely disregarding common sense)so that you can get a little closer and mow the guys down.

To the rapid spamming of Fragmentation grenades at a single guy that you could’ve easily killed with a fully-automatic Assault Rifle at Close Range, but instead you tried to get in close with the BR (A medium range weapon) and made everything that much harder on yourself… because at point-blank range we all know how simple it is to hit a guy after he punches you in the face… and the inconsistent tossing of Plasma Grenades at the ground instead of the centre-mass of a specific target utilizing efficient methods of timing.

Hell there’s even those idiots that know the locations of the Camo-snipers hideouts that never bother to ever look there… and you know, If you don’t know those locations… you could always go to the theater instead of coming onto the Halowaypoint forums to complain about how something like that is ruining the game…

To be honest… I think common human stupidity is what’s ruining the game.

So please. Before thou finds thyself complaining on the interwebs like a dependent child that needs to be bottlefed… take matters into your own hands and utilize basic logic such as common sense to figure out what’s wrong with your own game.

Oh yeah… all you Light Vehicle Drivers. One at a time.

Rule #1 of the world:
Common sense, is a misnomer. There is nothing common about it.

My friends and I like to tag an addendum to that rule, and it is as follows:
Always assume, that everyone you play with, that you do not know personally, is a total idiot.

Common sense: If a suit that can survive space goes into water about chest deep, what happens?

You forgot: if your shields are down, just die and respawn. Running away and letting your shields take 8 seconds to recharge wastes time that you could spend trying to get ordnance.