Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary - Much Confusion, Needs Fixing. I'll Fix It

A message to the 343i team, but hi to all. I just want to voice my opinion about nonsense that I think it quite… annoying. The ranking or “rarity” rating of these… well, cosmetics that you get. The ones that follow no order, whatsoever.

The first armor core you start off with, Mark VII, is a Rare armor core. How is that even possible? How is something that EVERY SINGLE PLAYER starts with a Rare item? It gets worse as the other armor core you have access to is Mark V [B] and somehow that is an Epic armor core! But again, everyone starts off with it so how is it an Epic? Everything you start off with is a Common because it is a common item. See how that works? The real Legendary is the Platinum Anniversary as that’s not obtainable anymore. That makes sense!

Moving onto vehicles. Not even vehicle coatings or vehicle models. (Which is cool, love the variations!) Vehicles that we have are the Warthog and that is a Rare. Mongoose is a Rare. Scorpion is an Epic. Wasp is an Epic. Razorback is a Rare. Gungoose is a Rare. Rockethog is an Epic. Again, these are vehicles available off of start that you don’t have to even do anything for. In fact, they are available to literally everyone in different games on certain maps that you play, so how is any of that Rare or Epic? Everything there is Common. And are we only doing human vehicles and human weapons for that matter? I’m confused on that.

The AI’s. BUTLR is a Common, but the other 3 that you start with are Rare’s. Where’s the logic? And how is there a Legendary, Superintendent, if it’s available via the Battle Pass? Right after Supertone who is also a Legendary? They are locked behind paywalls so I mean, those fall under “Bought” and not Legendary.

I could go onto the different types of armor and weapon skins and all of that but in the end NONE of that makes sense. Who came up with these rarity titles, and who approved it? My OCD flares so hard at this. Nothing in the Battle Pass should be Legendary except perhaps the very last level as reaching that top rank, especially with this progression system, takes days on end.

Things like Onyx rank (you should get more cosmetics than just a dangle medal on the gun) should be Legendary as not everyone can achieve that. Things like completing the Ultimate week challenge should be… well, Ultimate? Eh? Add that one in cause it flows and you know how you got it? Maybe something like completing the training Weapon Drills with all 3 challenges per weapon at 3 stars should unlock something that makes you stand out (like Hayabusa) and make that another Ultimate as it is a challenge of itself.

I will literally freelance all of this for you guys, 343i. I will waste hours of my own time remapping all of this for you so that you don’t even have to spend another company dollar on an employee trying to have creativity. Give me the go ahead and I will turn my personal disgust into something positive for you. I will also change all of your medal designs as well, as that will be in the NDA agreement that we have. I will get the green light to adjust those appearances as that’s a simple. Literally just copy and paste from any other Halo and then slightly tweak the new ones you tried to make relevant.

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Rarity shouldn’t exist in a game with no RNG, it’s just to incentive certain things over others with no real justification for their “rarity” rank.


Just another attempt to appease casual gamers by following trends. Nothing new from 343

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