Common Currency Isn't Common Enough Or Enough

You should get common currency evereve 4 or 5 ranks and it should be more than 100 about well if I had my way it would be a 1,000 what do I know that people would complain too much did that is too much which no it’s not considering how much some of the stuff in the store cost so to please the people that would complain it’s too much I would say it should be either 300 or 400


Better yet, they should introduce a secondary currency like most games do that’ll let you earn it passively just by playing the game. ◉_◉


^This tbh. I don’t like the store but it’s common sense that if you have a pass which costs money it can’t generate more currency than it costs to buy because then its almost as if it has negative value and might actually lose money for the company.

This is fixed by adding a secondary currency that can be obtained which probably ends up being more of a grind, but can be earned in more ways this giving us a way to actually grind out currency / premium cosmetics. Same idea as bright dust in Destiny basically. Surprised this doesn’t exist already (although we don’t have Spartan ranks either… So I guess there is a lot missing).


Every 4 ranks you get the full price of the battle pass back? I’d probably say that’s a little excessive.

I think doing what other companies do and giving slightly more than the battle pass price is cool like 1200 to 1300 and they you have 2-300 to save up and spend over a few battles passes.

In terms of passive currency I think having some earnable through a long winded progression system is a good idea or via weekly challenge. They don’t have to be anything big, but 50 a week seems pretty fair.

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Makes more sense to drop currency entirely from ‘paid’ BP then let people just earn the content outside the BP via grinding for tokens like MCC to help player base grow. If people want the BP and are buying it then they should have plenty of content since they paid for it but right now blocking currency to paid BP only is a great way to kill interest in playing the game overall.

Right now for example there is no incentive to play at all for me personally and the more people are encouraged to want to play the more likely they might actually spend money but with how restrictive the game feels for a lot of people that’s highly unlikely to happen because many gamers are giving up on the game.

Another example would be I avoided paying real money for Halo 5’s loot box gambling entirely but the unlock system let me earn a majority of the content and yet despite that I found myself buying the voice pack to remove the annoying Palmer and I probably would have never done that if there wasn’t a way to actually earn content in H5 because I’d be bored of the game pretty quickly.

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I am starting to notice that very few halo players seem to have ever played any game with a battle pass before…


I think it’s more that many players didn’t ever want Halo to be Free-To-Play with a Free-To-Pay Battle Pass.


Gears 5 has this and it works. If you wanted to you could spend premium currency and get an item a week early or you could get it later for earned currency. There were some premium only items but it was limited.


Or many people just hate BP’s and don’t want them anywhere near Halo or any other IP. Just because some games force this does not mean the rest of the community has to like it or tolerate it for the sake of it. One of the biggest complaints about Halo Infinite is it going F2P.

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If the Season 1 BP had the 1000 Credit return (which the Season 2 pass fixed) as well as not expiring then I’d actually have no issue with the BP itself (challenge progression being its own issue). I think a $9.99 investment that continues to pay for itself for the rest of the game and doesn’t expire is ok.

Of course, I despise every other F2P element in that everything else for customization is either stuck in a shop or FOMO event, but the BP is honestly the least of my worries especially once we get a proper long-term player progression.

Except there is never any guarantee that you could keep doing that. If it was simple as that it would have been part of the base as a choice to avoid having to deal with the awful live service.

Far as I’m concerned I’m supporting them enough with buying a fully priced game at launch and yet I feel like I’ve been given half a game due to the stupid F2P model and would rather support them by buying the next campaign dlc.

The current system all it’s doing is making me not want to play. All this is doing is making me actually go through my backlog of games instead.


This is it 100%.

Legacy Halo fans didn’t want the game to go F2P, they by and large wanted another traditional retail release. I’m in that camp too.

Unfortunately, MS and 343i have been observing the F2P trend and saw it as an an opportunity to expand Halo’s player base. That hasn’t worked out so well. Now I’d say that the brunt of the people who still care enough about Halo to play Infinite are Halo franchise fans who don’t like the F2P elements.

Gonna take a long while before 343i manages to strike a balance that makes the majority of players happy.

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The thing is they may have thought F2P was a good idea but the thing is it feels like everyone is saying “abandon ship” because a majority of people don’t seem to want it and are dropping from the game as quick as possible and 343i don’t seem to understand that.

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Can you imagine how much happier everyone would be if in a drop pod they just added the ability to earn 5-10 cr per match based on match performance


Yeah, I don’t see that happening but people would be psyched.

They really need to introduce a new currency that’s only earnable through gameplay and can be spent on some cool exclusive stuff that can’t be bought with cR.

this made me laugh so hard. this fan base in a nutshell lmao.

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yes. I hate battle passes too and it is disappointing that Halo went this route. What I was getting at is that as far as has how the rewards and “free” credits are handled that people are complaining about is no different than any of the other currently out BPs for other games.

Umm not sure about that but then again I don’t care about playing those games for exactly this reason. There’s a reason why I play MCC an insane amount and barely anything of Fornite/Apex and that’s because their systems aren’t rewarding or fun in the long term.

Let me get this right…you want to pay $10 for a battle pass and then get $10 back every 4/5 levels of said battle pass? So you want to spend $10 and get $200 - $250 worth of credits?

Actually, I want the battle pass to reward me with cold hard cash at every level, like $3 a level. Everyone would love it, it would be super great. 343 is stupit for not doing something like this.

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