Commiserating Over Lost Legacy Halo Stats

Hey y’all. As the servers shut down I’m reminded of how almost a year ago I failed to download my legacy Halo stats as shut down. There’s some neat stuff in there, like info about what top ten days you played the most games, which hour of day you spent the most time playing, what maps and gametypes you played, what weapon you used the most. It’s all kinda neat. I wish I’d gotten these, and feel like commiserating. I poured probably a couple thousand hours into Halo 3, and probably several hundred into Reach, 4, and ODST. It was a not insignificant portion of my childhood.

Just wanted to carve out this portion of the internet to shed a few tears (virtual or otherwise, whatever) over that, and to toast the Halo days of yore, which undoubtedly brought good times and cheer to whatever moments we were at in our lives.

This is it, boys! The last moments of an already bygone era that is a monument to our youths and, if you’re unlucky, better days.

Pour one out–for those good days gone by, and for dem doggone Halo stats of mine.


There may be some places that archived some of those stats, I don’t know any places off the top of my head but best of luck to you if you go looking for any

I’m honestly feeling the same… I do have a screenshot from like 3yrs ago of my Halo 2 stats, but I didnt take any of my Halo 3 or Halo Reach stats, cause at the time I could still play them. I didnt hear of bungie taking down the legacy stats last year, until it was too late.

And now with the online servers for the games gone… it’s all a memory now.

I think if you hop on to halo 3 you should at least be able to see how many games you played and a couple other basic things

There’s an archive project underway for legacy Halo stats–hopefully it gets done. Some info here:


Ya I popped 3 in again and saw your service record is still there… on Reach I found some stats on waypoint on my Xbox. Wish I saved a screenshot of my service record on Reach with my guy next to it. I’ve lost my Blue Flames armor effect and “Bungie” tag I got on bungie day in 2011 too. So sad

I’ll check that out! That would be amazing. Such an iconic game and long lasting Xbox Live legacy, those stats should be preserved forever. Thanks for the heads up.

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Hey if you go to Halo Waypoint on your Xbox 360 you can pull up some stats on Halo Reach. I check my k/d for every weapon, and added up all the kills and deaths to get my final number.

K/D: 1.19
50,663 kills
42,345 deaths

Something I forgot to screenshot before servers shut down. I didn’t realize I’d lose my service record numbers at the time. So stoked I found em.

Also learned I fell to my death 439 times, haha
Never used the Assault Rifle (754kills/5175deaths)
And my best KD ratio was with the magnum (6710kills/2582deaths)

I’d say finding these stats on waypoint gave me some relief… but I’m still missing halo 3 stats :cry: