Who else thinks that a few of the commendations are going to be quite difficult to get?
Personally I think that Scorpion destroyer is really hard, since to my knowledge there is only one map, Exile, that has a Scorpion on it…
Mongoose Destroyer… It’s far easier to kill the passengers and not waste a precious laser on a mongoose most times.
Plasma pistol kills… Probably the hardest since you’d only get probably three kills at most out of a single PP, if you’re lucky.
Mode specific victories- Flood should be changed to if you finish in the top 3, its a victory. Other than that maybe KOTH and CTF need to be reduced slightly, but I’m not too fussy on that.

Anyone agree with me on these?


I feel exactly the same for most of the commendations.

The Scorpion Destroyer commendation is hard not just due to being map specific but also currently MODE specific as it only shows up so far in Big Team Infinity Slayer. (Also I have tried destroying by getting on the back but it never registers for me.)

Mongoose Destroyer is not right when the passenger gets kill too easily over the vehicle.

Plasma Pistol kills have been super hard as I get a ton of assists since the DMR/BR sneaks in those kills.

I agree that the victory commendation for Flood should have been modified to what you said. It should be modified to reflect the fact that a large 10 player FFA mode where some can randomly be chosen to be alpha flood and lose out on being 1st place.

Regicide victory commendation will be made “easier” when they start doing Team Regicide at some point in the future. At the same time that would make Regicide Execution even tougher with teammates acting as bodyguards.

I honestly don’t mind, just means I’ll have to put in more work to get them done. Plus, only a few of the commendations actually have decent rewards in the way of armour/emblem unlocks.

As more maps are released, some of them will become more attainable.

I’m all for putting effort into a game, but I agree that some of the commendations are just over the top for what you have to do.

The problem is Flood is not map specific, it game mode specific.