I have a question that is bugging me. Why did Bungie set unrealistic numbers for the commendations to get to the max tier? Like seriously…20,000 head-shot kills? I’m lucky to get 10,000 kills overall by the time I put the (G)Halo:Reach game down. Where did they gather the statistics to set these numbers? Did they come out of their you know what or something? Interesting to know if someone has the data, or can reference an article, forum, or topic of this by Bungie.

I’m pretty sure the numbers are so high so that most players never get to the top. Personally, ranking up and going for commendations is very fun for me, especially with challenges. If I could get to Inheritor in a week though, I feel like a part of the game would just be taken out for me, because credits wouldn’t be that great afterwards.

I do agree that some of the numbers are pretty ridiculous though. The CQ one ended up being pretty low, and the wheelman one is insanely high in my opinion.

Still, I don’t mind trading never getting to the highest rank for the ability to realistically never exhaust my ability to earn achievements.