Commendations Outstanding

Just wondering what you are least likely to complete commendation wise,
for me at present

Vehicles - Mongoose
I’m only 7 of 10 with another few levels to go
Mantis 20/27
Scorpion 17/27
Warthog only 9 to complete (66/75)
All others complete

First strike 24/50
Payback 228/500
From the brink (Close Call) 61/90
all Expert (1 level to go)
Close call I find really hard to get
All others complete or on Master

Needless to say it’ll be Crawler Sniper
103/450 with 2 levels to go

I’m thinking Plasma Pistol
5/10 Qualified (4 more levels)
I haven’t tried to use all weapons yet, just mastering some so I can concentrate on the rest.

What do the rest of you have as your least likely to get?

Crawler Sniper

Mongoose Destroyer, Tank Destroyer

Flood Victories

First Strike is really easy to get, just play Flood and if you spawn as a Human just rush the 2 flood players and kill them first. Plus you can get 1 First Strike a round, so potentially 3 a game.

I will probably never get Plasma Pistol Mastery, I have like 10 kills with the thing and most of them are from emping a vehicle that then fell out of the map.

Definitely Mongoose destroyer. Even with rockets those things tend to flip around in the air instead of blowing up like a ghost would with a direct hit.

finally destroyed my first mongoose yesterday! it took the guy driving off the map to do it though :wink:

For me it would be flood victories… As for weapons I only need 4 more to max them all out.

Plasma pistol 78 kills left
Bolts shot 170 kills left
Storm rifle 1700 killsleft
Surpressor 1258 kills left