Commendations, other crossovers with Reach?

Seeing as how the Anniversary disk will allow you to play classic maps in Reach, will the campaign mode feature commendations and credits to go towards your Reach rank?

The TU for Reach will likely add CE:A to the Legacy part of your Service Record, so this shouldn’t be unexpected, although unlikely. 343 says they don’t want to split up the Reach population so this would make some sort of sense.

Suppose I have Reach installed to my hard drive, can I play all of Reach’s multiplayer from CE:A? I’m not expecting to be able to forge on that disk.

With CE:A coming out this year and Halo 4 coming out next year, I feel a little jaded about my investment with Reach. The first 3 Halo games were all 3 year investments, but Reach becomes a 2 year one. I did not expect this when I got the game. It’s silly to say I feel entitled to some more reward out of Reach but it’s cycle was cut down a year, so I feel entitled.