Commendations need to be Shortened

Does anyone agree that when you level up a commendation, the next level should just raise the cap instead of reset the kills/wins to zero? I want slayer victory done for the Gungnir armor but i have 450 wins to go…its rediculous. This would also balance the ranking with the commendation progress i would think.

I think the amount is good since it’s so easy to hit SR-130 but it is annoying that it resets after each one if the first tier takes 25 and the second takes 75 you should start tier two at 25/100 not 0/75

No, because it gives you a chance to do more things after you hit SR 130.

You do realize each tier gives you exp for hitting it right?

I think commendations should be tougher to complete, for example you needed 8k assassinations in reach to max it out, for halo 4 its only 140. Honestly, these commendations are easy.

cough cough Reach cough