Commendations list to max out

Hey does anyone have a list or know how much you need to max out the different commendations. I have looked online and have not seen it posted anywhere. I know different ones have 5 or 7 total ranks which you can see, however I am looking to see what the total is for each to be maxed out.

For example 1000 kills with shotgun or win 250 matches of capture the flag.

i got the strategy guide book as a collectors item. and boy oh boy, there’s too many to list. that’s all i can say =D

So the guidebook actually lists each one with the amount needed to max them all out?

Hey, I finished the game on legendary, I got the achievement and the legendary ending, but I didn’t get the commendations for completing 3 of the levels, please help D:

you finished those missions offline. The commendations cannot be completed offline and if they could then they would be really easy to hack