Commendations? In or out?

Has there been any info on 343 bringing back commendations for Multiplayer or something equivalent? I enjoyed them in Reach and wouldnt mind having them in H4.

They’ve mentioned the ability to level up commendations in the past multiple times, so they’re back!

I don’t think they’ve said anything about commendations. They were something cool to work for in Reach, but I don’t need to see them return. Honestly, I don’t care either way, it’s not like I went out of my way to get them (most of the time.)

EDIT: Are they back? Why did I not hear about this?

I havent seen anything of commendations mentioned so thats why i figured i would ask.

It was mentioned in the weekly bulletin.

> The PAX build contains the full set of armor in Halo 4. In the final game, there are a variety of methods for unlocking armor and armor skins - ranking up, earning commendations, progressing through Specializations and completing goals on Waypoint.

I hope not …

I dislike them

Besides most just boosted to rank up faster…

O just say above post .


oh great…my lovely commendations are back…I’m not to excited for it.