Commendations Help

Hello! I’m sort of new to the whole Warzone gametype and I need help as to when to move off of bronze packs. Anyone know how to figure out what commendations you already have for specific weapons? Thanks!

REQ packs will start refunding you when your have collected all possible awards.

So in your situation, once you collect all the common items (visors, weapons, armor, stances, etc. etc. etc.) you will start receiving a 500 REQ point refund from some of your packs. That is an indication that you should move up to silver packs. Once you collect all uncommons and rares, silver packs will start refunding you 3000 REQ points. Repeat with gold until the packs start refunding you 6000 REQ points.

If you want to know how close you are, go to profile-> view service record-> Halo 5-> Requisitions. From there select your desired list (customization, power & vehicle, etc.) and then filter your results by rarity (common in your case)

as for weapon commendations, you can view them here on waypoint or by going to your Halo 5 menu by pressing start, and go to “commendations” in the top row of choices, then selecting “weapons”