Commendations bugged for anyone else?

So I decided to have a go at completing all of the Loadout Weapon Commendation. I managed to finish the BR today and moved onto both the Assault Rifle and Magnum. But for some reason it ended up being stuck. I have played multiple Arena games (Which uses the Magnum) and Warzone games and I have had my commendation stuck at lvl 5 43/100 (Magnum btw) AR stuck on lvl 4 16/50. I don’t know if certain commendations have bugged out for others. What confuses me even more is that I ended up completing a completely different commendation in a game on Warzone but made no progress on AR and Magnum yet I used them the whole game. Any ideas regarding this issue? I been wanting to get this commendation out the way and feel cheated.