Commendations and Campaign - Changelist

These are ideas I’ve had percolating around inside my head for some campaign commendations changes that 343i should consider if they decide to keep commendations in Halo 4. (Or put these into Reach via a Title Update, but I doubt they have the time/inclination.)

First, no melee commendations in Campaign? What about the Golden triangle, or whatever they call it? So we get rewarded for shooting guys or grenading them, but nothing for beating the Covies into bloody pulps or slicing them into tasty sushi? This seems like a major oversight especially if you are trying to re-establish the three choices for killing: melee, gun, grenade. For those who are attempting to onyx every commendation category they basically have to NOT kill enemies with their fists. (Or Sword/Hammer, even the Shotgun, which doesn’t count toward any weapon specific commendation in Campaign!) Plus, the commendations are supposed to be a picture of HOW someone performs in the game, but without a melee commendation there an entire leg of the triangle that you can’t see from just looking at commendations.

Next, plasma turrets should count towards vehicle commendations just like human turrets do. I think this was probably a coding error or something, but it should be fixed in Halo 4 (if not Reach).

Assist numbers in Campaign need to be dialed WAY down OR the barrier for an assist needs to be lowered. The only guys you can really land an assist on are Hunters, Elites, or Brutes (at least with any regularity). Plus Wheelman medals should count toward an assist commendation. The description of a Wheelman reads: “Be the driver of a vehicle when a passenger kills an opponent.” That sure sounds like the driver is assisting the passenger to get a kill. By not including Wheelman medals in assist commendations, you basically take away a reason for people to even try to drive instead of shooting the gun themselves. (Side note: Does anyone know if Wheelmans increment the vehicle kills commendation? If so, then disregard rant on Wheelman-as-assists.) Plus, any kill made from a vehicle should be counted as a Wheelman medal/assist commendation. (Warthog side seat kills apparently do not.)

Lastly, this is more because it irked me. The class kill commendations. Even though you had grunt heroes, jackal leaders, elite leaders, brute leaders & war chieftains, only elites, regardless of in-game class designation, fell into the “leader” category. Simultaneously, the “specialist” class basically contains everything that is not an Elite or a Grunt. What’s the point of classing the characters if you aren’t going to make the commendations reflect their class? I expected when I killed an enemy leader like a Brute War Chieftain that I’d see an increase in the Leader class, but that wasn’t the case. War Chieftains are, in many respects, far tougher than the Elite Field Marshals and provide morale and leadership to the Covie troops, just as an Elite Field Marshal does. I just think that the commendations should reflect the classes of the in-game enemies more accurately in Halo 4.

All I ask for is that we actually get the appropriate points for a commendation. I’m sorry, if I get a well-deserved Onyx commendation, I deserve more than 1000 points. I felt like Bungie just threw a pie in my face and laughed when I saw that…

I kinda agree with that too. I think a two fold increase in credit structure would have been more appropriate. i.e. 1000cR for Iron, 2000cR for bronze, 4000cR for silver, 8000cR for Gold and 16000cR for Onyx. Or you could do 1k, 2.5k, 5k, 10k and 20k. It just seems like Onyx should’ve had a big reward for getting there.