Commendation with incorrect description! again!!!!

remember me? yes i was that annoying person that posted a thread about the ‘Kill an Knight’ medal… well, you will be glad to know that is still there. You will also be glad to know i found another error. Although this isn’t grammatical.

So jdc, what is this amazing error you found? Well. Go to your service record of halo 5, then go all the way down at the bottom where commendations are (under medals). click on the view all commendations button. I promise it is worth it, free candy (its halloween). go down to ‘game modes’ section and click view all game mode commendations. now find assistant. the description reads “Earn any Assist medal in Warzone”.

This is fine agreed? yes? obviously, you get an assist in warzone it adds to this. now look in all the commendations for another assist commendation, i did. (excluding A.I assists e.g. elite or marines). No there is nothing? Does this mean that when you get an assist in any other game mode, it doesn’t count to a commendation? that’s ridiculous!!!

No. If you get an assist in any game mode it goes towards this commendation. Thus making the description incorrect. I have no evidence but I shall tell you a story. I played swat. Afterwards i checked my stats thing (kda, commendations, SR, Req, that screen) and went to commendations and it was there!!!

TLDR: I have no life.

nobody interested in the find i have made? that’s cool. i will go back to my life.