Commendation Question Guys.....

I have recently been more interested in the commendations with Halo 5. I joined a Spartan company and became all about them, then I realized I could strive to get my personal commendations too. My question is about the weapon mastery. I have almost all weapons done, the few im missing are guns I never use like the suppressor and inceration cannon etc. Do I have to get the kills with those in multiplayer, or can I just hop on campaign and kill some stuff with those weapons?

Also interested to know how you guys are doing with commendations, both personal and Spartan company related

Multiplayer Spartan kills only I’m afraid. I’m currently working through dmr and light rifle… Suppressor you will find easy but I never have any incineration cannons so not sure how I’ll do that one

I just went though hell and back and finally mastered every weapon except the plasma grenade. If you want to get kills with weapons you don’t use play super fiesta while its still around, but bad weapons like suppressor, bolt shot, carbine, etc you’re better off trying to get those done in war zone.

For weapons you don’t use (or more like you can’t find) I’d suggest playing super fiesta