Commendation Credit for CTF and Stronghold Wins

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone else was having an issue with their commendations not tracking Stronghold or CTF matchmaking wins. For the commendation for “win a game of CTF matchmaking,” the commendation is on level 1/5 with no wins recorded, but I have played loads of that game type. Same as Strongholds. Is there a certain playlist I need to focus on to rank these up?


BTB wins dont count for some reason.

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> BTB wins dont count for some reason.

I have a theory that states that the reason they don’t count is because 343i added the big team variations as though they were entirely new gametypes, not variations. It’s just a possibility, but it does explain a lot.

It may take sometime for it to catch up on the site or app, me and my team played for 5 hours straight last night(Wednesday) and it wasn’t until tonight that it started to show the progress so just check it every 24 hours and it should be updated

Probably because btb is casual/unranked

I think you folks have sorted this out for me, I usually play in the BTB playlist since I like vehicles and chaos. I guess I need to jump in to the standard Team Arena to get it done.