Commandos reaching out

Hello I am Nazygew Commander of the Danger Close Commandos. You have probably seen my posts on these forums before, and just like before I am reaching out in hopes of finding new talent to add to our Commando squad. We have many roles that can be filled and enjoy working together as a well oiled combat machine. we take pride in our victories and Learn from our defeats. If this sounds like something that fits your style we have several members that would like to talk to you and introduce you to our group. Just send a friend request to gamertags Qu1cksphynx Daheadsmiter or nazygew. also include a message letting us know how you learned about us, welcome to the family.

Our clan member numbers are climbing we have a special training day this saturday message one of the three members listed in the post for more information look forward to new members.
-T.A.K.S. One Leader
a.k.a. Awaychicken