Commando Rifle seems too weak now

I found the new commando rifle to be a welcome addition to the game; however, it seems like it got a really bad nerf.

I go into a firefight using it and it seems that the base AR has a better TTK than the Commando rifle. I would suggest balancing the damage or making the clip size larger to compete with the base rifle, but there are still other glaring issues that should be addressed, like the game sometimes “Kingmaking” teams that get better spawns on the map.

But this base post is about how much of a joke the commando rifle feels now.


It was a must have weapon in the flight, absolute beast. It’s not as versatile now. Still has it’s moments but majority of the time I would not want to pick it up. Feels like the Bulldog for me, I rarely find a home for it.


IT needs a massive boost. The recoil prevents it from being long range, the small clip prevents it from being an ‘assault rifle replacement’ for mid/close range, and it’s relatively low damage and shear damage drop off makes it basically useless now.

So either reduce recoil, improve damage, drastically increase range, or double the ammo for it, or some middle ground between the changes.


Yes, that’s exactly how the commando should be , either a really precise weapon with more damage, or more ammo or something like that, this gun is “weaker” than the AR but it should be way more powerful, between the Battle Rifle and the DMR.

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I feel like its not a viable weapon to pick up as it is now. It does not compete with any of the other weapons with the current TTK. It either needs a boost to damage or an increase in ammo and reload speed.

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Honestly I avoid this gun whenever I see it on the Rack, it needs a buff, the gun looks & sounds cool but it’s lost its viability

I agree that the nerf from the last flight has made the weapon a lot less desirable.

I think the biggest thing that may help it is to reduce/remove the bloom on it. It already has a lot of recoil, and the bloom on top of that makes it even harder to control, and that just seems unnecessary. Removing bloom would make the commando really accurate, but still require a good bit of skill to use due to the recoil and low aim assist.

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Feels like it shoots marshmallows

This gun is great for stripping shields but not for killing. Gun needs a buff

I’ve read this opinion a bunch - people are pushing it hard. I disagree. Commando is pretty good. I think in a lot of situations it’s better than the BR. It’s better close range than BR and almost as good long range. You just can’t hold down the trigger. The only bad thing is how little ammo comes in the weapon locker, but that’s OK. I like having to change weapons frequently.

Agree. It was so fun in the flight, but it has been nerfed into the dirt. I still pick it up because it feels great to shoot. Either the recoil needs to be tampered down or it needs to be buffed. I want to love this gun so much, but at it’s current state it is only a punishment to be caught in a gun fight with it, ESPECIALLY in ranked with BR starts.

I would personally like to see it gain a small damage increase across the board, to shields and health/ have more damage go through shields for headshots ; but lower the ammo or something to compensate. With a DMR-like weapon, you really should kill much faster with less, more accurate shots than spraying with that pea shooter. DMR and BR in Reach were perfect, now they feel… ok.