Commando Rifle Could use this as a change

Since the weapon is supposed to be a weapon that is both a precision weapon on top of being capable of full auto, its pretty clear that it doesn’t really suit both roles in the way that it is right now. I remember in how Halo 4, the Light Rifle had this mode where when it was not in ADS mode, it fired rounds in a 3 round burst, while the player holds the left trigger, it had more powerful rounds that use all 3 rounds, but with the power of 1 shot. I think the Commando could take a leaf from this design, especially given how the Cinder Shot is capable of such a feat with its aiming mechanic as the shots tend to trail to wherever the user points at.

So how exactly would this be changed for the Commando Rifle? Its pretty simple:

Base aim:

  • Less Recoil
  • Same Bloom value
  • Continues to fire in full auto

While ADS:

  • Single Fire only
  • More recoil
  • Less Bloom Value
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Is this for Controller or for M&K?

The Commando feels very underwhelming on Controller due to the weapon using precision weapon aim assist, when it really could do with using a fully automatic weapons aim assist. It’s because of this that many Controller players feel the weapon is inaccurate and unable to land shots.

In reality, the Commando can work pretty well if the player taps the trigger rather than holding it down. Sure, full auto feels more RNG than a Halo 5 Gold Pack, but it has some quirks.

I’d like them to add some Promethian weapons into the game with time. The Phaeton would make a great addition, and so would a beam like sniper (Binary Rifle). I also miss the Incineration cannon, although that’s more or less the Ravenger now.

I do like the idea of making it has an alt fire mode depending on if you’re aiming or not. It’s a cool concept, however I feel it would require the Commando to be completely re-worked.

It feels fine. It just needs to return to original 7/10 (optimal headshot/bodyshot) shots to kill as opposed to the current 8/13. People only liked it in LSS because Breaker was a huge map and the Commando has better range than the Sidekick and Mangler. If you have a BR and you are in a tight match with equally skilled players, you will always pass up the Commando.

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Hip Fire sounds good, but the ADS still needs descope. Descope is a base mechanic of Halo and helps to keep people from constantly winning range fights. The rest of it sounds good and I think it needs a small buff still. Just a little more damage, but if they make it a bit more accurate then that may not be necessary.

honestly I don’t think that really matters. The Commando is terrible either way.

I would love to see Promethean weapons too. Preferably how they functioned in Halo 4, but maybe keep the homing on the Suppressor from 5. Oh how I want the Halo 4 Incineration Cannon back. I freaking loved that thing!


I guess descoping would balance out any of the weapons so they don’t dominate everywhere.

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Using this gun is like driving with no vision

Promethean Rifle had something similar to that, god i miss that weapon, looked so cool.

Y’all just need to learn how to tap fire with the commando. It works great when you get it down 1 shot at a time. Hard to aim vs the BR burst swipe method, and I barely win BR battles with it. But it works well too taking 1 shot at a time from distance.

Also try 2-3 shot burst with it, kind of a longer tap, but that works too. I don’t think this weapon was meant for full auto. Every gun in halo has a special way to shoot, and this gun takes skill to be good. So if you change it, then you may ruin the glory of getting it down right. It did take me a while to master btw…

But there’s other guns with 2 ways of shooting, like the shock pistol. I bet you didn’t know, but you can tap fire or hold down the trigger and it just keeps firing… Again, 2 ways of mastery for that gun

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I often just full auto until the shield pop. Even with Bloom and Recoil it’s gonna connect the first several shots If you aim for the groin. Then when either the shield pops or the reticle kicks to the head, I release and start firing short bursts. It’s pretty effective when used that way. Heck it often gets the kill before I release the trigger in the first place.

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Did you know that the bulldog is full auto too?


I’ll pass, no thanks!

Its a little bit difficult to tap fire sometimes since the full auto is a hairpin trigger. I could tap fire it at times, but it will still fire 2 or even 3 bullets before I let the trigger go, which can be more disorienting to the point that its not even fun to try to use it for the precision aspect.

I don’t know what could specifically be done to improve the Commando. I just know there are certain weapon’s worth picking up and ones you don’t. The Commando, the Pulse Carbine to name a few.

If the Commando was put in to draw COD, Destiny, or Titanfall gamers it failed. If those new players pick it up they would get owned because 343 tricked them with a gun they are kind of used to. Even veteran Halo players struggle with it. Those players feel they were punk’d. I know this because I had a new COD friend play and the Commando was the first gun they picked up because they thought it looked “cool” like they were used to. They won’t play halo anymore because everytime they used it, they got wrecked.

Maybe shorten the bloom, not knock out of zoom make it a smart scope instead, add more rounds to the mag, idk. Just something needs to be done.

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Yes, yes I like that last part; and what if your smart scope was only activated if you had the helmet precision aim holographic enabled on your armor. It would be cool if certain pieces of our armor enabled certain abilities like the loadouts in halo 4. I’m just brainstorming; like what if the radar GPS green wrist holographic enabled enhanced radar in some fashion.

I’m not gonna lie, I thought at first the helmet attachments offered some special abilities, say if the helmet antennas offered 3 squad leaders in a big team battle team of 12 able to converse only amongst their 4 man fireteam, or to each captain via a push to talk button. This special mode would have to be enabled somehow by 343 cuz I’m sure some parties would rather talk to all 12 players. This may even be an idea in the future for a bigger halo warfare gametype with many more than 12 players per team.

Anyway the game has POTENTIAL!!! Lol

Definitely needs either more power or less recoil. It feels like it should be hitting harder than it actually is.

I honestly think it just needs a slight reduction in fire rate, increased per bullet damage and the reduced fire rate should increase the accuracy and mitigate recoil.

All they need to do is remove the aggressive Bloom and recoil for Commando. Commando is quite literally the reskin of the Covenant Carbine, filling its niche and role as a lesser skilled Precision weapon which takes more shots to kill but also fires fast.

Commando’s damage is already nothing to write home about, but it’s shackled even harder with low ammo reserves on spawn and aggressive bloom and recoil on both hip and zoomed. An atrocious weapon through and through.

In my experience, it is too inconsistent.

I take the time to use it as intended, line up the shots, get the opponents shield, down, just as the shield goes down, reticle moves over the head, shoot, and it doesn’t kill…strafe again, reticle over the head again while shields are still down, shoot, and it doesn’t kill again.

Latency and desync will play a part in this happening, but it happens the most with the commando, much more than any other gun.

I know I say this a lot but I kind of love the gun the way it is. If anything I would just reduce the bloom, or make bloom only factor in when shooting full auto maybe.