Commando has way to much bloom

i cant use this gun because ill be aiming right at someone but my bullets are going to the side of them because of the bloom

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I honestly like where the commando is at. It takes some getting used to, but short controlled bursts for long range engagements is actually pretty satisfying. Close range, it’s pretty good. Honestly one of the better guns in the game for short to mid range fights. But thats just my opinion. I do hear you, though, OP. The bloom is a little wild compared to the rest of the guns in the game. Almost seems out of place.

Two words: Throttle control.

I feel like the commando gets outshone by the sidekick in just about every situation other than super long range. I generally pick up any other weapon.

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as a controler player bloom plus stupid amounts of recoil make this weapon suck

Screw the Commando, I miss my DMR and want a competent mid to long range semiautomatic rifle back.