Commando a joke?

There’s quite literally a achievement to get the medal “perfect” with it. This tell me 343 knows how unusably the commando is, especially on console. It has no place at close range, and the battle rifle and stalker rifle dominates mid to long range. No hate to 343, it seems they tried to merge the carbine and Dmr into a single weapon just with only their weaknesses. I want to use the commando, but it’s just outclassed by everything unless you can catch someone of guard or weak, let alone get all headshot without missing a shot whilst firing at its max firerate against a moving target for the perfect medal.


I always skip Commando challenges. The weapon recoil is awful.


It really just needs more damage in my opinion


Luckily I haven’t gotten one but. My two challenges are bugged so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ guess I’m missing out on the visor


I think they toned it down after one of the technical previews and made it take an extra shot to kill. Personally I find the recoil too much to maintain accuracy with my middle age thumbs and will always dump it in exchange for the BR or stalker.


Exactly why use it over the BR which excel at long range and is reliable at close range


The commandos pretty beastly when you get it to hit tho but I think the bigger issue is that it’s exactly the kind of weapon that gives pc players an advantage. Anyone who’s played csgo knows how to manage heavy recoil like that and playing against my pc friends in custom games really showed me how lethal it is.

Literally have no idea how I’d fix this but just something I noticed.


I heard they actually nerfed the damage from the flights. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? The recoil on the weapon already made it not fun to use.
The Commando has huge potential but it now it’s just so annoying to play with.


Yup, every time I’m killed by it I wonder if they are on MnK


Yea, I heard on the first flight it was really good, then on the second flight I was very disappointed


Yeah that commando achievement was kind of challenging to get in regular pvp. You can get the achievement easier if you go in the bot playlist, it still counts as matchmaking.


I used the Commando during the closed Beta and Flights and it was pretty good. It was kind of my go-to weapon on the smaller maps. Then they nerfed it (by “one” shot?). But it seems the recoil is what has got things really messed up now.

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They need to drop the weapon recoil by 50%, and add to the damage.

The SAW was so much better…

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That’s not even an argument. The Saw was the best weapon in H5 by far.

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there is heavy recoil? i havnt noticed… i play m and kb…

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That’s why it’s called an “achievement”

For Controller it’s just a BR that’s harder to use with not much of an upside for doing so. For Mouse it’s a strong sidegrade to the BR.

Personally I really like it for mid to long range. Being able to put constant accurate fire down range and the fact that you can switch targets immediately as opposed to getting caught in between BR bursts is super strong. I’m on Mouse obviously.

This is just part of the problem with making Controller and Mouse exist in the same shooter. The game always has worse balance because of it.


Seems like they kinda goofed then, as on PC with M&K there’s no reason not to snag the commando. I don’t play with a controller, but if you all are correct then someone screwed up along the line and made it only useful for one input type.


I loved it in the 2nd flight but found its much harder to use now. Definitely doesn’t feel as smooth as it did.

Another point, it takes 8 shots to kill with it now (7 body + 1 head) and a total of 13 body shots to kill. It can be hard to get that last headshot sometimes and then it takes 6 body shots to kill if you miss??? I hope they reduce the health the Spartans have, or at least make some of these guns do more Heath damage too. The sidekick is the same, takes like 5-7 body shots to kill after shields are down.

I got this earlier today after spending many hours in BTB trying without success.

Even had some idiot -Yoink!- me when I got the jump on him with it from behind but due to the horrible recoil he killed me with the pistol.

Now I have the achievement I’m glad I don’t have to use it again. I much prefer the BR.

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