Coming Together to create more depth to Halo

Before people go insane at what the topic says, I’ve been doing testing, reasearching (even though I joined Halo 4 late) about all the starting weapons. I’ve constantly been reading up about the on-going battle of BR vs DMR threads, gathering reasons as to which is better. Now, like post is still just a suggestion since the community is having trouble trying to find a way to manage a compromise between DMR and BR players, and with this proposal, I at least hope to create a compromise so that we can focus on other parts of the game that needs attention (maps, power up locations, etc.).

From what I’ve been able to find, a mix of loadouts would help create complexity while attracting players that like other guns. I’m just going to post the precision rifles’ kill times just to start things off.

Taking this picture, if we were trying to make the starting weapon as strong as it used to be, then DMR would be the optimal choice since the kill times are minimzed from Halo 3 to Halo 4. However, my proposal is basically having the Carbine, Light Rifle, and Battle Rifle as starting choices to help promote team play in a way that wasn’t offered in previous Halo titles.

Let me start why I choose to exclude the DMR. Unfortunately, with the amount of aim-assist, bullet magnetism, flinch, and the removal of de-scoping, the skill gap for players is diminished greatly. If we were following the starting OP weapon choice, then I’d just agree to having DMR as starting because it fulfills that role compared to previous (and current) starting weapons (shown in the picture above). DMR does a great job being versatile since people can use it to support from long range, or use it to 5 shot someone up close. It still promotes team play just because how Halo is made, but I’m straying from this decision simply because the options given to us in this game offer more variety than we even had before.

Variety is what makes a game intriguing, and BR/LR/Carbine does just that. These three guns all lose to each other in different situations, and it makes team weaponry more intriguing. Though, that part can be minimized by picking up another weapon that complements what you currently start with (Carbine complementing LR & vice versa), players now have to play maps, positions, and battles differently. Maps are fairly straight forward as close corner maps, like Adrift, promote the use of BR and Carbine while bigger maps (I.E. Solace) promote distance weapons (LR and BR). Teams would now have to play maps in a slightly different manner than before while it retains the fundamental “Halo’s a team sport” game.

Positions with the new loadouts become more important. Players have to coordinate more to promote the more prominent setup that supports the players on the front lines. DMR screws with this idea a little because of the range it provides while in-scope. Either way, players would need to manage playing with slight strengths & weaknesses if they choose to play with LR or Carbine (promotes roles). Experienced players would know having a LR in the front lines would be more deterimental from a team setup standpoint because the gun loses to BR and Carbine consistently (human skill affects the outcome), and the opposite applies if a Carbine was sniping from afar.

Battles (referring to 1v1s) now function slightly different than how older Halos did. With inherent advantages & disadvantages, battles now have to consider what gun two players are using and where they are in relation to the other (distance). Players running around with BR will have to remain careful because if they were to get caught in a battle against a Carbine up close, you’ll end up losing. This forces the player to understand enemy movement (communication) and team support more. Making a push towards a power weapon would be foolish if you’re caught with the inferior weapon or with no support from afar.

While this doesn’t pertain to the starting weapons, they indirectly boost team play and versatility - Armor Abilities. They’re what push this game even futher towards creating a more in depth game than we used to know. Now, I don’t condone all of the AAs to be competitive worthy (PV, RF, & AC are too powerful while JP is borderline IMO); only the Thruster Pack, Hardlight Shield, Auto Sentry**, and Hologram are best. These AAs give small advantages towards certain roles (TP = Mobility, HLS = Defense, AS = Support, H = Recon), and the best part of that is they force teams to put more thought through their loadout setups as a whole rather than individually.

Just as a note: I asterisked the Auto Sentry simply because it needs to be slightly buffed to be appropriate as a competitive weapon (IMO). The gun fires too slow, which makes its help nearly negligent in gun battles.

While I’ve made my points on why this selection would be beneficial, realize that forge is limited on letting one weapon start (unless you trust players). 343 would need to help make this a reality by allowing more functionality in forge. Regardless, I still believe this method for competitive play would create a new level of depth that we’ve never been given before. Recall from previous halo games, Bungie forced one weapon starts from Halo CE to Halo 3. Spartans were completely equal, and weapons were giving us advanatages and disadvantages. Halo 2 had BR as the starting weapon because of the glitches that came with the gun (at least, that’s what I saw when I first joined the competitive community). Those glitches (BXR, BYB, DBL Shot, Etc.) created BR as an all purpose waeapons that could do everything but be a snipe rifle. Now we’re given a game that does have a few CoD elements, but refuse to use them or find ways to create more depth that will allow Halo to evolve even more than before. Sure, this game has a lot of problems, but if we’re busy getting mad at the problems, then how will we see the positives that can enhance the feel of Halo?

P.S. Forgive me for not mentioning Halo 3 much. I barely played the game.

My reasearch has been from visual testing ingame and using this thread for exact values: