Coming back to Halo after 2 years. whats new?

Hey, Its been a LONG time since I last played Halo reach, the last time I played it was early 2012, and I have been debating on getting reach again. (my sister stole it from me and denies it and feigns innocence, so she is not giving it back any time soon.) Was wondering what the population is like in Halo Reach and what is new in the game.
A friend has been suggesting that I get Halo 4, how are things there? I played the campaign. . . no comment. I haven’t played the multiplayer though. How is the population and features in Halo 4?

I may have been sort of burned out on Halo after playing it NON STOP Since I got Halo 3 a while after launch and then playing Halo CE, halo 2, and halo 3, campaign and multiplayer over and over and with a few games mixed in once in a while. Halo was most definitely the best all-around FPS I have ever played, and after playing most of the campaigns of recent FPS’s (late 2012 and on) going back to Halo 2 and 3 seemed like a breath of fresh air. Bungie did an amazing job with their games.
So, still worth getting Reach? what about halo 4?

I know you probably just pooped yourself looking at the length of this but my opinion it quite valid I have been playing reach lately for about 3 months after taking a break please read the entire thing since I comprised this to help you get a feel for reach today thanks.

To be honest it vary not to be racist but a lot of the community now is Hispanics and I have no clue what they are saying it depends on how much you played before sadly dlc in matchmaking is unheard of lately and 343 seems to not care the slightest bit and give us a dlc playlist besides if they did what do we have to lose. If you are really into Halo and its your Main franchise yes it is worth it since reach is the most recent halo game that was good. When playing MM you will run into Noobs who wont turn their Microphones of this happens quite often but just mute the kid. Groups of High Ranking Skilled players using ridiculous amounts of teamwork to just Overpower your team( this gets especially annoying when you have a good K/D and you know you can take one on one on one and your team sucks) this will happen maybe 1/30 games but when it does it makes you want to vomit. Run into Hispanics why they are starting to play now I have no idea but if you look up Reach in youtube 1/3 most recent videos are in Spanish.

Overall yes for the 20$ or so it can still fill your halo needs before the release of the next good halo game( not counting a Halo 2 remake since that is no ingenuity)

Last but not least sadly though this game is not terribly old only 3 years YT videos made recently peak around 1,000 views compared to the 100,000 views machinimas had when the game was recent, And peak population I have seen is 27,000 I might be starting a project on Youtube to hopefully revive Reach’s population causing A 343 to realize we want a more classic halo game like reach 2 to get them to change up the playlist 3 In hoping to help keep the Halo community from straying off from Halo since Halo 4 will not do that Reach may have to Keep us occupied as Always burn blue burn bright , Dynamite

Reach is worth getting just due to the sheer replay value that customs offer, and Halo 4 is not a good buy unless you play strictly campaign.