Comeback to Halo 5

Last time I played Halo 5 it was 2016. Are there any major changes that I should be aware of? What are the best controller settings?

The biggest change has been the weapon tuning updates. The latest one was a few days ago. The first one was in November. There were one or two in the days between, but they’re old news and not really important to understanding what’s going on so I didn’t link them. I don’t know when you last played in 2016, but there were a bunch of new maps and REQs added that year. There is a discussion for the weapon tuning updates too, so please help out and complain about how useless the new BR is :stuck_out_tongue:

There have been a lot of changes. Can’t really tell you what the best controller layout is since that depends on the individual. I use the H4 layout with my look and aim acceleration on 4.

Quite a bit:

Lots and lots and lots of changes since 2016 and it only grows exponentially more depending on how early in 2016 you stopped playing.