Come together and 100% every legacy halo with us

I’ve got reach, halo 4 halo wars and ce anniversary achievements left. H3 and h3 odst are already at one hundred percent for me. I do however have all the games and am willing to help others out as well. I have about 3 other dedicated people that are online as often as I am, please feel free to add me so we can get all the legacy games to one hundred percent before December. Times ticking.
Mr Pink 911

I would like to be a part of this for Reach. I have 3 controllers ready to go, and will happily help out with achievements that I already have in exchange for the handful that I still need to unlock.

I just got H3 ODST and I’m getting Halo 3 on Thursday. I would love help with all the armors you can get with the multiplayer disk (I only have H3 ODST so I only have H3 mp) before December.
Gamertag is my name.

EDIT: I currently own Halo Wars, H3 ODST, Halo Reach, and Halo 4 as of legacy games.

EDIT 2: I own the full game of Halo 3 now.

Just shoot me friend request and let’s do it!

Sure, but only interested in doing it legit. Looking for people to group up with to play dead playlists in Reach and 4 mainly.

10 am pacific standard time tommorow we are getting the halo reach invasion achievements we need to fill some spots. Add me or send me a message on Xbox live
Mr pink 911
Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to get some of these legit. Especially halo 4 with how many broken achievements it has