Come Skedaddle with the Last Man Battalion

Have you ever wanted to be part of a clan unparalled in terms of comradery and skill level? Well today is your lucky day because here I am to tell you about the Last Man Battalion. We’re just a small rag tag group of players but we’ve got the -Yoink!- and determination to make it to the big leauges. So we’re always looking for new friendly people to join our ranks
Now, onto the formalities. Here is a list the clan leader wants me to put into this post about requirements for joining the clan:

  • Must have a mic, communication is key
  • Have at least a 1.0 KD
  • Be at least platinum in 3 game modes
  • Be active, daily preferred, we have people on at all times of the day in different time zones and countries who are always looking for a team to roll with.
  • Download the Kik messenger app on Android or iPhone to keep in touch with clan members outside of Xbox
  • Friend everyone on the clan list.
  • When applying please send a personalized message talking about yourself, putting in that little bit of extra effort can go a long way.
    *Forgers are exempt from this requirements as long as they are just looking to just forge and map test.
    Any questions and messages can be directed to Mickey Joystiqs, or the author of this fantastic post, Yo Lady Friend