Come ON With These Challenges, Now

Currently have a Challenge list that is Kill 3 Spartans From Behind with a Melee Attack, Kill 3 Spartans From Behind With A Melee Attack In Last Spartan Standing, and Kill 3 Spartans With A Melee Attack In Last Spartan standing.

Last I checked, Backslaps didn’t count as melee and when faced with a situation like this, would really like it if they would.

Also it would be really nice if I didn’t have so many Melee Attack Challenges to begin with. Already did a 3 Melee Attack in LSS before this and looking at my Upcomings I see a Kill 1 Spartan From Behind with a Melee Attack in LSS and for my last one its Kill TEN Spartans with Melee Attack in LSS.

Even my patience is very sorely being tested with these Challenges.

Edit: Alright, had to change the title because COME ON NOW.

Not only do I have all these Melee Challenges that basically means I’ll be fisticuffing in my LSS matches, but I just played a game where I got 1/3 Backslaps in LSS but currently have 0/3 in Kill Enemy Spartans From Behind With a Melee In PvP.

Even I have to call this out with the appropriate venom: WTF 343?

Edit Edit: Just to provide photo evidence:

I already completed the 3 Melee Attacks in LSS at this point but you can still see what I still/will have along with how I have 1/3 Backslaps In LSS but 0/3 Backslaps In PvP

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This is the main issue with this challenge system. Its not that the challenges are impossible or that its hard and time consuming to complete them. No, its that they are tedious and attached to a timer. As soon as the timer is introduced, it becomes a stress inducing situation. As long as timed rewards exist, 343 will be advocating a system that revolves around FOMO.

This current system needs to be undone. I dont understand why so much of the community doesnt care about this


Personally I never had a problem with the Challenges up to this point. I was always able to complete every single week fine when I would just chill with Infinite for an hour a day before I go to work. I’d have the Challenges done by the weekend and then I’d play other games like Deep Rock Galactic or Elden Ring.

But my main complaint has always been how the Challenges don’t offer any lenience to just complete them in whatever game mode you want. If there was a lot more variety that would let you complete them in just Ranked or BTB or Quick Match, I think it would help out a lot.

And now here I am with the most extreme example of this downside where basically for the entire week I’m going to be playing Last Spartan Standing with my fists out and I have to call BS with the hope that 343 will see this and make better efforts to address it.

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I absolutely HATE this challenge system. It is completely ruining the experience. Every challenge is playlist locked and so many to LSS.

To be siloed in to one playlist if you want any progression or unlocks in the game is an absolutely anti player design


I really wish 343 would do something about some of the weapon or game mode specific challenges. Stop forcing people to play a mode or weapon they don’t enjoy and/or aren’t good at.

It benefits neither the player with the challenge or their team. It just means 343 can sell more challenge swaps.

If 343 insist on keeping them then they could at least make the challenges with dual objectives, e.g get 1 kill with a needler OR 10 kills with any other weapon, get 5,000 points in tactical slayer OR 10,000 in any mode.

That way if you’re good with the weapon or good at the game mode you can complete the challenge as normal but if you aren’t or you don’t find it fun you can do the alternative challenge that is completely doable but requires more time as the trade off.

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That is the exact fix i keep begging then to add, but i feel like they just dont care or dont hear enough about it from the rest of the community.


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I believe the challenge system should not be as frustrating as it is, idk if it was a deliberate choice to make it this way so we buy challenge swaps but for what i can tell, Some challenges are insane and take little to no consideration on how long it will take us to complete them, for example, every time i get an oddball or capture the flag related challenge i will instantly swap because i know how long it will take me to get into any of those matches.