Come on guys...

We saw mabey a total of 1:30 seconds of Halo 4 gamplay and people are already saying its gonna suck. Mostly because of these.

Perks: We dont know how these things are gonna be used so why are you judging already? They might be very simple perks loke bieng bale to carry 4 gernades instead of 2 or carry more ammo.

Sprint: Ok, im shure 343 will see that alot of people dont want sprint but alot of people do. So they will hopefuly make a classic playlist for you guys.

Customizable Load-outs: Load outs could be a good thing. It gives us more freedom in Halo to customize, but then im shure someone will come up with the most overpowerd loadout it Halo 4. So 343 if they do this will have to be very careful when making this feature.

Come on. Before you judge this game, at least wait for more gamplay. Videos and news before you start hating this game thats not even out yet.