Come on, 700 credits for just a helmet?

This is how PUBG does it. They offer a bundle of items at a discount with the option to buy each item from that bundle separately. PUBG also doesn’t charge for maps, they’re free. I wonder what 343i’s will be doing about maps.

That’s how I’ve experienced almost every other games store except this one. It just makes sense to sell itemized and give a discount for a bundle.

It’s like 343 doesn’t understand how bundles work.

Bundles are meant to be items mushed together and sold cheaper than the sum of their parts. Not items mashed together and sold cheaper than the individual items in those bundles.the fact that there is a bundle sitting right there with two items for 400cR makes the helmet price all the more insulting.

I feel like I now understand why item rarity exists in a game where it has no place and makes no sense. It’s so that some items can be made more expensive because the icon has a purple or orange background, instilling some sense of “rarity” to something that isn’t any more or less “rare” than anything else in the game.

Oh it’ll be rare alright, because noone will buy it at that price when there’s a cheaper and probably even cooler looking helmet with a blue background.


Really is jarring how that rarity system feels out of place.


This is beyond a joke at this point. Every single time without fail, 343 makes the same blunder over and over again after saying “we’re sorry, we’ve learned from our mistakes. It won’t happen again.”


Literally not how it works in F2P games. Entire virtual economies are held up by 5% of the playerbase. The 95% being rightfully outraged about the prices being ridiculous aren’t factored into store prices. The only reason 343 reduced the first batch would be because not enough people were buying.

Which is EXACTLY what I said and the opposite of the post I replied to. Why the confusion?

If people STOP buying. below the threshold 343 desires. .prices will fall.

This is not rocket science. It’s economics 101…

As long as whales buy the cosmetics at this price they will remain. I’ll happily let them subsidize the game I enjoy and use my fiat currency on actual tangible product.

You do you.


Zero. Just like in Halo 5… the content updates are free. The premium cosmetics are not.

Unless of course 343 changes their mind… Which they are entitled to. And you are entitled to respond in turn when you make the consumer part of the decision to buy or not.

The average dolphin never started buying, that’s literally the only reason the prices changed. The prices were a complete joke. The whales don’t care, they’ll spend cash regardless. This wasn’t a case of “the items are a little pricey.” They were nonsense.

Now that they’ve reduced the prices, I’ve seen way more store items in-game, meaning 343 has no reason to change the prices again. There is no more “voting with your wallet.”

is it truly the ONLY reason what if it wasn’t maybe even the whales put their two cents on the table too? everyone has the right to let their voice be heard on matters

This is maddening. ODST is probably the single most beloved armor set in the game, and the friggin’ helmet costs seven entire dollars? Nothing else in this at all, JUST the HELMET?

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Based on what evidence? Lol how many people you’ve personally seen in a few hours? Sorry but that’s not what I would call a scientific sample size.

At the end of the day, they are going to monitor pricing versus sales and try to find the sweet spot to maximize their profit. So yes I would argue that voting with your wallet is indeed a thing still.

If this is the pricing outcome after 343’s “extensive research”, and you think there’s any chance of them further changing the prices, you’ve got a darn side bigger tank of copium than me if you think anything is improving after this. The helmet would have been priced under the new guidelines.

This only adds on top of the previous batch of people, myself included, who demanded being reimbursed in some manner for previous purchases. Now you’ve got dolphins who’ll be added to that group, and 343 has shown no interest in giving something back for people paying into the previous prices.

To be honest, this helmet pricing is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I think I’m done with this game, and 343.

thats like saying 'I bought this soda fro 2.99 yesterday adn now their 99 cents I want my $2 back for my purchase that I made and had no idea of a price drop please" it was your choice you didnt know this was gonna happen no one did adn now you somehow expect to be reimbursed on a choice you made from a action that you didnt know was gonna happen? thats your mind thinking differently pal its all you

If you purchase a TV from an electronics retailer, and the next day it goes on sale, you are literally protected by consumer laws to return the TV, and rebuy it at the new price.

Also, this is standard across countless F2P games. Fortnite being the biggest example of reimbursing players after a store price change within the month.

For me it’s 12$CAD for the 1000 credits. Since we can’t buy the specific amount of credits it’s basically a 12$ helmet.

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In addition to that, the next time you want to purchase a new item in the store… 300 points that you had remaining won’t be enough. So you have to spend another $7 for something you only need 300 points for.

Anubis likely won’t be broken up. So far all old bundles have remained unchanged in price.

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I find it odd that it doesn’t even include a skin or the unique CBRN rebreather attachment or shoulder-pads to compliment the cleary ODST Spartan Helmet.

blows my mind that after all this backlash, they just doubled down