Come on, 700 credits for just a helmet?

I was kind of excited to see weekly bundle prices being adjusted and especially individual item pieces being sold in some capacity.

Should’ve known it was a little too good to be true. The Firefall helmet just by itself, no attachment, other parts, or coatings, is in the store is 700 credits. I’d hate to see what the Anubis bundle would theoretically cost if you could buy it piece-by-piece.


They could have at least added in another blue armor shader…. Smdh


Literally just posted the same thing. It is a joke because the minimum you need to spend on this is £7.19 (sorry don’t know the other currencies). For a single item. I would buy the armour set for 700 creds. Not the helmet.


If it was a flat 500 I wouldn’t even be quite as annoyed, but not only is 700 really high for just one item with no other goodies, but you can’t even buy exactly 700 credits. You have to get the 1000 credit bundle just to afford the helmet in a single purchase.


Future 343i post

“We are looking into the data to see if we need to make price reductions to individual items”


Seems like all they did was break apart what they were already selling and put the price for the individual item, instead of fixing prices to be a little more affordable.

Not seeing much of a change from last weeks store, aside from individual items now.


IKR. I’ve seen some dodgy store costs over several games. But the fact that this is a AAA company that has thousands upon thousands of players that are genning revenue means they can afford to lower costs. Warframe is cheaper than this crap.


We are sorry.

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this is a test for the ability to do this the prices for it proably is another thing they can tinker with

Yeah after the store prices today I think I am comfortable saying. This is honestly the worst Halo to date. There is no soul in this game. The core of what made Halo so personal to me was the Armour. The way I looked and felt while playing. Knowing I earned that. Now It’s just “Let me get mommy or daddy’s credit card.”


Not gonna lie, it’s really disappointing and I don’t understand why they though this was a good idea. Like how can you be so * that you think this is what fans wanted when they asked multiple times to have cheaper bundles or bundles with more value and the ability to buy items from those bundles individually


That’s not how economics work.

Want the prices lowered?.. Stop converting fiat money into digital pixels.

If people buy the crap at that price then the price must be right…

It clearly wasn’t. They had to lower the prices once. They’ll do it again. Player numbers represent that.


My hopes for infinite are slowly dying out. 700 credits isn’t even $7, its $10 since you are limited to 500, 1000, 2200, etc credit purchases. The armour set effect and death effect are more justifyable since their relatively out there but the helmet is not.


Sure but that was not your original point… you said AAA companies should lower prices if thousands of people are willing to buy their goods… just because… That’s BS…

If 343 wants to sell a helmet for $7, $10, $100… and there’s suckers out there spending the money… .more power to them… Stop being entitled…

Vote with your wallet… If enough people do… the prices will drop as you said… but remember… player count is only a small correlation to sales. 343 knows the player based today will not be th same player base 12 months from now… They are playing the long game… and there will always be a set of new players to Halo over the next 10 years… who will drop money on these cosmetics. It’s not intended for Day 1 players to BUY EVERYTHING.

Just sad… all this focus on pricing of silly digital cosmetics that are worth nothing when the servers ultimately get shut off. If you have hte disposable income and can afford it… more power to you… but if you cant… or dont see the value proposition… just move on… like every other consumer does when browsing the shelves in a store.

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All they did was release a merch store and a mobile game esk console game to go along with it.


I bought The Orange Box, a collection of 3 beloved games and 2 beloved* expansions, for $5.00 (CAD, about £3.00).


Serious thought here. If they’re charging 7 bucks for a helmet, how much will their map packs be?

I miss the days of the real season passes, not this BS we get now.

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While I’m not at all certain why they decided to take the bigger bundles out entirely instead of introducing individual items alongside them, I do suspect that they’re doing two things with this helmet:

  1. Finding out how people would react to a highly-valued piece of “legendary” gear, which holds higher value than other items only by its color (and not much else)

  2. Using it in the stead of bundles while they figure out and get a proper UI for individual items worked out, since this was an afterthought and not an intentional design decision on launch

As for the real non-theoretical price that we can see right now, I’m also a bit confused. Surely this helmet, which would ordinarily be a small part of an armor set, shouldn’t cost 10 dollars worth on its own?


When they said options for individual items, I thought that meant that the store will regularly rotate bundles, but you can buy individual helmets on the side. So a bundle would be $8 but each piece in an armor set is $3 so if you buy each separately it would cost a little more than the whole bundle.
But $7 for a brand new helmet sucks.
Especially when its a helmet I Really want.
As much as I want it, I’ll defend my morals and keep my wallet away from 343.