Come Listen To Me Complain About Infinite Weapons lol

OK so I have been playing Halo since CE released in 2001 so as a 20 year veteran of Halo I have to say that this multiplayer is quite possibly the least enjoyable I have ever played. It is just way too vanilla, almost boring. I find myself ready to quit after about 3 games every night. Say what you will about Halo 5 but It was a lot of fun and I could keep playing all night long. The cool thing about Halo is and always was that it is so much different from other FPS, that is why Halo fans are a separate breed from the fans of other FPS. We LIKE the scoped OP pistol, we LIKE that there is a ridiculous amount of crazy guns , items, vehicles, etc. It is SUPPOSED to be over the top. Anyone that complains about those things can F off and go play COD because you aren’t a Halo fan. So why does this Halo Infinite feel so watered down?
The AR is way too powerful so now everyone is running around with the AR which takes absolutely no skill to use and it’s just boring. At least the Halo 5 Magnum that everybody ran with took some skill to use. I actually really enjoyed getting into magnum fights in halo 5.
So many of the classic guns such as the plasma rifle, the covenant carbine, fuel rod cannon, the brute shot etc. are missing and most of the newer Promethean weapons that I really liked such as the light rifle and the boltshot are gone as well. I’m totally fine with adding new weapons, that is what Halo is all about and I have no problem with the new weapons. I do, however, have a problem with taking so many iconic guns out of the game. I can’t even believe that 343 would even consider taking classic guns out of a new Halo game, much less actually DO IT! like wtf?!
The Sword and Hammer have become way too OP because the shotgun is too weak, the one-shot-kill shotgun was the only good antidote for the sword at short range. The new shotgun taking 3 shots to kill at short range is just absurd to me in a Halo game. It’s almost like this game was made by people who have seen others play Halo but have never actually played it themselves. I mean blasting an opponent down with one shot and then another and hearing “double kill” as you turn a corner and blast down a third “Triple Kill!” or using the scoped pistol to pop the heads off of grunts in one shot as they are running away I mean this is the fun stuff that Halo is composed of and I just can’t believe how much of the Halo experience has been compromised to appeal more to non-halo fans so that you can make more money.

I do have some praise, the game looks good and runs smoothly , they fixed some of the annoying problems with Halo 5 such as the shield not rebooting while sprinting and some other little things like that, but those are the only compliments I have at the moment. Maybe bring back the classic magnum as a special weapon on the map, bring back the Plasma Rifle, buff the shotgun, nerf the AR a bit, and replace the god awful pulse rifle with the covenant carbine and I think we got ourselves a good Halo game. Otherwise I don’t really see myself playing this much. I really hope that the campaign is good, I want to like this game. I have been looking forward to it for so long.