Come join my Halo club on Xbox One! - Halo Outpost

Greetings UNSC fighter, Covenant Fanatic, Flood spawn or other denizen of the Halo Universe!:wave: Join to find like minded people who all love Halo​:heart: This amazing game has an awesome fanbase and we’re here to allow this fan base to easily communicate, share gorgeous pics, cool vids, achievements or even topics of discussion with eachother​:+1: Trash talk and swearing is fine, if you wish to promote your channel or anything related then please ask an admin​:heavy_check_mark: No sharing giveaways or anything of the sorts, it will be deleted​:heavy_check_mark: Share your awesome creations and moments within the Halo games!:heavy_check_mark: Keep the activity to Halo themed, expanded universe, anything Halo​:heavy_check_mark: